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Warning: Random Crap Ahead

aka MaxKnight's journal

20 November 1984
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I was apparently mad the last time I updated this... Bio. I have no idea why...

As said in a recent entry I am a Systems Admin working for a company contracted to the state, currently sharing an apartment with my slob brother who hardly pays any bills. I'm single with no prospects, though part of that is the fact that I'm a reclusive shut-in whose social life involves YouTube and writing FanFiction. There was a fleeting glimmer at a GameStop once, but considering said glimmer lasted all of two minutes I wasn't actually keeping my hopes up. >_>

Hah, if people have read anything from my fanfiction, you may already know that I'm something of a hopeless romantic type who enjoys pairing characters together for some reason; to make matters even better, I have very specific 'ships that I enjoy more than others! Maybe it's the fact that I myself am lacking in that department (both in the fact that I have basically no skills there and further no one to share those skills with) that I feel the need to write it into these stories. Ah well, just another quirk to my personality...