Day 22 - Town/Village Music

So much choice, as usual. Being an RPG player you run into more towns and villages than you know what to do with. And sometimes they all have unique music! Of course, I had to eliminate a number of candidates, simply by expedience of Hard Mode, but what I was left with worked quite well.

Today's theme rounds out the series; one theme from each of the real Phantasy Star games. This game has pretty good music in general, but somehow the theme that plays when you are in a Motavian town transcends. It's probably the sense of speed that it gives, which felt pretty unique for the time period. This game is now the only one that I haven't managed to beat (having finally finished the first game for the first time a couple weeks ago).


Day 21 - Music you associate with frustration

So yes, there are a few games that do frustrate me. And there are some particular parts of games that frustrate me. This comes from one of the most frustrating boss fights I've encountered in this game. So frustrating, I haven't managed to beat it, yet.

Tiamat is a horrible nightmare of a boss, even when you have all of the equipment, all of the software, all of the health available... Having to hear this music for ages while trying, and failing, to kill her is so far beyond frustrating. And yet I still love this game.


Day 20 - Music from a racing game

Once more, not a genre I play often at all. Well, until recently, really. Bunch of us have been playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, which can have music from anywhere since anybody can make a track for that game. It uses the DOOM engine, after all. But today's entry is from a different racing game entirely. One I've actually never played.

Because I never had a Saturn, and Saturn emulation is hard. But it's such a good track. I think they also used it in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, though it's been long enough that I don't remember.


Day 19 - Cover of music by a different artist

Okay, so it's not actually all that easy to pick one for this. It took some discussion with a friend on Discord before I chose this track. And as it stands, I didn't actually verify that the composer of this version is different than the composer of the original version...

And that's about it. I don't have a whole lot to say concerning this.


Day 18 - Music from a game released the year you were born

Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find a game with music from 1984? I understand that there's a version of this challenge going around where this day is replaced with Game Over Music; I learned this two days ago. I had already managed to find a track for this, though, and I can even say that the game is relevant to my interests!

Admittedly, this is from the Arcade version of this game, and the one that I played was the NES version. The track is still close enough to the one that I remember so well.


Day 17 - Music you never get tired of

There are a few tracks that are like this; not all of them are video game music. In video games, again there are a few tracks that are like this, many of them from the same series, too. In this case, though, there's one in particular that sits high above the rest.

In fact, I have listened to this on repeat, inside the music player of the game itself, for hours at a time. I used to have a tendency to listen to particular music while playing different games, and this track, strangely enough, I listened to while playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


Day 16 - 16-Bit Music

Real clever there. 16-bit on day 16? Lots of selection here, too. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure why I picked the track that I did. Probably because it's the only track I actually liked on this game. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of this game, though that's down to having played its sequel first and having a pretty bad experience with the game the one time I managed to get through it...

For a long time I believe people identified this music as "Circus in Rindo", or something like that. It plays during certain battles that can be considered "boss" battles, generally at the end of chapters. As for why I don't particularly like this game? The balance is pretty terrible and there are too many maps that have you slogging through hills and forests, taking forever to actually reach any enemies.

I could probably go one forever, so I'll end it here.


Day 15 - Boss Battle Music

Once again, so many good choices. And so many good choices completely eliminated because I'm doing Hard Mode and can't repeat games for different entries. Since so many were eliminated, I decided to go with one that really gets me pumping. Really, Boss music should come in just a few varieties: the kind that fills you with the sense of dread that this is a strong opponent, the kind that reminds you of just how important this battle might be, and the kind that fills you with excitement. This track ticks the second and third boxes.

Oh man. This isn't to say that they did bad with the Gym Leader music in the (many) sequels, but there's just something about Gen 1 Gym Leader music that does it so right. It's so complex, despite the limitations of the Game Boy's sound chip, and it's so fast. All I can say is I love it.


Day 14 - Music Featuring Vocals

Gotta be honest, I don't listen to a whole lot of video game music that contains lyrics that plays in the game. Now, there's plenty of video game tracks that have had vocal remixes created for them, but I don't believe they should count for this. As such, I had to be a bit discerning... and also I had to determine if I even knew any video game music with lyrics... which it turns out I did!

So, this game actually has a number of tracks with vocals, but this one you'll listen to more than the other simply because it plays in every random battle in the game. I actually like it, though, so that's nice. This is the third best Persona game in existence, behind only the two Persona 2 games.


Day 13 - Music from a game you don't like

Don't like? Try despise. I have a few games like this, but this one in particular is basically topping my list. It has the single worst combat mechanics of any RPG, ever. It has the the worst characters, playable or otherwise. It has the stupidest plot and story to have ever been imagined. The absolute only redeeming quality of this game at all is its music. How they managed to make such a piece of crap with such great music is beyond me.

Yes. Seriously. I'll admit that I don't like 4 or 6 all that much, but 8 is literally the worst. 13 is slightly ahead of it, but only just. I'm not going into it any further; I've already spoke of what makes me hate this game so much.