maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Final Fantasy 15 is a terrible game

So for the past few months I've been watching HCBailly play FF15. Now I already didn't like the game, but he's been posting hour long videos and those are great for exercising since I don't have to pay full attention to them. But watching this game has basically reinforced my opinion that this game is terrible.

Let's start with the characters. Yeah, they have different personalities, but otherwise there's no real difference with them. For 95% of the game you are only playing as one person and can't control the others outside of these set "techniques" that you can command (if you have enough of the bar filled). And because of this, your main character is the only one with magic and this special "warp strike" attack. There's almost no true customization that you can do, yet there isn't any actual specialization for the characters, either (not like that would matter, since you can't control the others anyways).

The game's world isn't any better. It has the illusion of an open world, except it isn't truly. It's a chaptered game that funnels you from plot point to plot point, and only in the early game can you actually seemingly run around to wherever you want (though still actually blocked from going where you want since there are actual blockades on the road).

So then, what about the plot? One of the stupidest plots I've seen/heard of since Final Fantasy 8. An ancient immortal king and ancestor to the MC is pissed off that the gods didn't choose him, so he decides to end the world by ending his lineage, The Crystal, The Gods, and shrouding the world in eternal darkness, using The Empire Next Door as his weapon to do so. You run around gathering a set of legendary weapons that you will need to prevail, only not really because you actually need to persuade the gods to aid you, but no that's not enough either you need a ring that's passed down the royal lineage only not really because your fiancée, The Oracle, has it for some reason. So yeah, this plot makes zero sense and instead is just confusing.

And let's not forget the ending. Halfway through the game, while trying to convince Leviathan that you are worthy, The Oracle is murdered. Despite this, she continues to find ways to aid you despite this non-living status. And then in the end you manage to best everything The Big Bad throws at you, and what's your reward? You have to sacrifice yourself to relight The Crystal, thus ending the lineage that was apparently required to save the world, anyways. So, yes. Pointless. It only serves to piss off the player.

So no, don't play this game. It's bad. They wanted to try some things and didn't succeed.


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