maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Day 29 - Final Boss Music

Oh my, it is late.

A couple weeks ago, I enumerated what boss music needed. Final boss music cranks that to, like, 15. Of course, there are some games with some real duds for final boss music. The game that I chose for this is one of them. So instead I choose to invalidate that as final boss music and instead use the music for the penultimate boss instead.

I've said it on this blog before, but Birth of a God is so much better as final boss music than One Winged Angel, it's truly not funny. Fact is, OWA just sounds squawky and annoying, and the Latin doesn't actually help it any. It doesn't even really mesh well against the rest of the series in regards to being final boss music. Birth of a God, on the other hand, fits far better both in its own game, as well as the series as a whole. I will never back down from this.

Tags: 30-day video game music challenge, day 29, final boss music, the objective truth
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