maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Sometimes... Digimon disappoints me

Finally managed to watch part 6 of Adventure tri. At least Daisuke and the others from 02 weren't just completely written off; they made it seem like they were singled out to be removed from play before the events of tri started. As if they would tip things just enough to prevent the events that actually happened.

But in the end, it all hinged on Taichi and Yamato once again. They didn't even manage to truly bring the 02 crew on screen, just showing them as shadows in stasis tubes. I mean, I get it, they apparently weren't all that popular of characters. I blame the way that 02 was written/produced; it was haphazard and there were things that were planned but then cut due to infighting by the ones actually making it. Further, Adventure had a lot that 02 lacked: actual developed antagonists from almost the start, uncertainty with the survival of the kids due to be cut of completely from home... In comparison, while we do learn about the Digimon Kaiser fairly early on, he didn't feel quite as sinister as Devimon or Etemon did. Further, the fact that the kids in 02 are able to leave and go home every night kind of removes a lot of the suspense and in many ways, let the kids succeed without forcing the kind of growth that the original 8 had to go through. It's likely this that drove people away from liking them compared to the original children.

And that's too bad, because Daisuke is my favorite protagonist from the Digimon anime. One of V-mon's final forms is my favorite digimon, period.

Of course, my disappointment has been building for years, since the first time I managed to watch the English subbed original anime. The localization has completely destroyed much of what the anime was going for, from changing the names of both the kids and digimon, to outright censorship that was really unnecessary. There's really too much to list here, and I believe I've gone over much of it over the last 5 or so years.

But this makes the fact that I loved playing Cyber Sleuth and am really enjoying Hacker's Memory that much harder. They keep a lot of the terrible localizations of names and whatnot in the English text, but the Japanese voice overs that were kept in the games uses the actual non-localized names, which gives a bit of disconnect. On the other hand, every so often, they manage to translate something better than what was done originally. This is the case with Paildramon's special: what was called Desperado Blaster in the English dub was localized to Death Parade Blaster in Cyber Sleuth/Hacker's Memory. That name feels much closer to what should have been.

Eh, I felt I had to say something since I finally got around to watching part six of tri...

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