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Phantasy Star Theories

To be honest, I wanted to post these over on the forum at Phantasy Star Cave, but after reading several threads on that forum, I've come to realize that one of the moderators there, BenoitRen, is a toxic person who cannot accept any other person's theories but their own and basically won't allow anyone to voice their beliefs about the series, going so far as to just always pointing back to their own flawed arguments and posting heretical statements supposedly taken from people who worked on certain parts of some of the games and claiming them as gospel truth in complete contravention of evidence given in the games themselves.

As such, despite having just registered on the site a few days ago, I'm not going to actually post my theories there. I'll put them here, and if there's anybody out there that chances upon this journal, they can comment on it to debate things. Though I won't tolerate holier-than-thou people coming along and outright calling my theories completely wrong without truly concrete proof that invalidates one of my theories...

Phantasy Star II
1. This ties in to number 5 seen below under Phantasy Star III. The closed time loop means that Alisa III fell through into the past, though precisely how far back makes no difference. They approach an Earth that is somewhat more advanced than we are right now, and as we learn later, the Earth becomes a somewhat barren place that the Earthmen escaped from and made their way to Algo. The only way that I can think that they could do such a thing would be to get the navigational information from the computers of Alisa III and go there when they ruin their own planet. At some point after the end of Phantasy Star I they arrive and infiltrate society, introducing Mother Brain and more or less bloodlessly take over the system. Dark Force on Alisa III was vanquished and had no influence over the humans of Earth; just 100% natural home-grown greed to take possession of an unspoiled system after destroying their own home planet.

2. Dark Force on Noah was not from Earth. It was, as all of them are, a projection of The Profound Darkness which took up residence on Noah to corrupt Mother Brain and the Earthmen. Even if the Earthmen had no intention of taking Algo for themselves and truly only wanted to help, once Dark Force infiltrated Noah their intentions were changed, corrupted to be evil. Dark Force can only manifest via The Profound Darkness, so the lines spoken by the Earthmen (in either language) are them speaking about the corruption entering their minds and that they are aware of this presence, this Dark Force, and that they are gladly handing the party over to it. Further, we only hear from these Earthmen after they've already become aware of Dark Force and been in contact with it for some time; their claims of knowing of Dark Force before ever leaving Earth is a fallacy since they only met up with Dark Force recently. They gave the blame for their own evil to an evil being that they only met after coming to Algo.

Phantasy Star III
1. There are two Twin's Rubies. Think about it, the name is quite literally telling you that there are two of them, not that it is a deformed gem that looks like conjoined rubies. One each are in possession by Orakians and Layans: Ryan has the Layan Twin's Ruby, and the Orakian one was held by the robots in Hazatak before being stolen by Lyle so he could get to the Northwest dome (which explains why his daughter, Thea, has the Twin's Ruby on Ayn's path).

1a. This also ties in to another theory of mine about symmetry in this game; each faction has four gemstones. Orakians hold the Forest Sapphire, Moon Stone, Twin's Ruby, and Power Topaz; Layans hold the Dragon Tear, Moon Tear, Twin's Ruby, and Mystery Star. Discounting the unused gem, exactly 8 have any sort of use in the game. The only thing that breaks the symmetry is that Orakians only have two gems that open passages, while Layans have three (Power Topaz actually has no intrinsic power, it's just owning it is proof of worthiness to board the ship and go to the Azure Moon.

2. Everyone is left handed. Don't believe me? Buy Rhys a Needle and equip him with a Knife as well and see which one attacks first. This applies to everyone in the game, though you won't see it in Wren or Laya/Gwyn since they always use two-handed weapons.

3. The events of both 2nd Generations happen at the same time, no matter who you marry. If you take Ayn's path, while Sari is defending Riik Castle and the surrounding countryside, Ryan is leading the rebel Layans against Lune. If you take Nial's path, Lyle and Thea are still having to deal with Siren and it's probable that they were still able to go confront Siren (considering Siren's words are the same on Sage's Isle no matter which path you take, the outcome is the same regardless). So why are Lune and Kara so different if you take Ayn's path? Well because Lune learned that the people fighting him were Layans who preferred peace to war, which caused his depression and caused Kara to grow up resenting her father and becoming more aggressive because of it. It's similar to Sari and her decision to be strong in the face of Rhys's abandoning his homeland.

4. Rulakir is a pilot. You learn this if you have to pass through Divisia in the 3rd generation. This means that Rulakir likely has access to many of the systems of the worldship and despite being stuck in the Southwest dome, could theoretically monitor and send out orders to put the events of the 1st generation in place: freezing Lyle's world and kidnapping Maia, causing her amnesia and abandoning her where Rhys would find her. I think I read that Rhys was supposed to be a womanizer and that while he was aware that he was promised to someone else, he had never met her before, so it was a calculated gambit that Rhys would try to keep Maia and would chase after should she be taken away.

5. Phantasy Star III is a closed time loop. This is similar to Final Fantasy I in that the events of the future directly cause the events of the past. I understand that telling people there is only one canon ending is apparently not allowed (based on my reading of the first few pages of topics), but I firmly believe that Aron's ending is the true ending and sets the events of Phantasy Star II into motion. I'm also of the belief that the Dark Force we fight in PSIII is... a second Dark Force, mutated to look completely unlike it usually does due to being sealed in a sword for 1,000 years. Each game, a new Dark Force is forced into reality 1,000 years after the previous one is vanquished; the destruction of Parma, though, allowed a second one to be created, and was only stopped from destroying all of the world ships by the actions of Orakio and Laya.

6. The historians in New Mota are wrong... or perhaps I should say mistaken. According to them, only two ships were left before Dark Force was sealed away. Admittedly it was likely a retcon, but in PSIV we learn from Rika in the Wreckage that some ships left Algo, but some landed on Motavia and Dezolis. Yes, Dark Force managed to destroy many of them, but not all but two; likely by the time Dark Force reached Alisa III they had already left Algo and could only detect one other worldship. Or perhaps there were only two left that escaped Algo.

7. Rulakir is 100% Orakian and cannot use techniques. HOWEVER. He's also more or less possessed by Dark Force. Consider for a moment which Technique Rulakir uses: Tsu. Now consider which Technique the main body of Dark Force uses: Tsu. It's not a direct possession like you'd expect, though, but instead the pervasive darkness that has allowed Rulakir to stay alive for the last 1,000 years.

8. The original war between Orakio and Laya was occurring at the time the ships were launched. Remember, Laya only pointed out that they realized later on that they were being manipulated, but she doesn't say that the entire war was a sham they were tricked into. When you think about it, Dark Force didn't enter Alisa III right off the bat; it was going from ship to ship, and we don't know how much time it took to destroy them. It clearly takes at least long enough for people to rise up and fight it, since it took up residence on Alisa III and Orakio and Laya twigged to its presence in time to fight back. This supports number 6 in this portion: the time involved means that Dark Force was likely only targetting the ships leaving the solar system, leaving the ones that landed on Motavia and Dezolis intact.

9. Laya's Temples are not magic, but technology. In this case, I mean they are paired Teleportation Stations (compared to the ones in PSII that are not paired and allow travel to any town on the planet that you have previously visited). But how is it limiting us to needing Laya's Pendent you may ask? It lies in the wording when you try to use one without it: Only Layan's may use Laya's Temples... or perhaps only Laya? In this case, I mean the older sister, not the recruitable younger sister. Laya's Pendent is clearly a device with a recorded message, and it's not above the realm of possibility that it also contains a sample of her DNA in stasis in order to allow her little sister to use the Pendent to travel the domes herself (and this is further supported by the fact that little Laya is able to travel from the central dome to the Southwest dome via the Mystery Star, allowing her to travel to Mystoke and retrieve Laya's Pendent.

Phantasy Star IV
1. Seth was an unfortunate victim of Dark Force. Seth is an archeologist, right? He wants to explore old ruins. Dark Force knew that the Aero Prism was being kept on Motavia, but that was the only thing it knew. So it did the only thing that would help it find the Aero Prism quickly: it hitched a ride in a Parman that knew the likely locations that such a treasure might be hidden. It's quite likely that Dark Force didn't need the help of the party to reach Soldier's Temple, but before it could get there on its own, the party stumbled into it. Seth had to invite himself along to even get close, since if he didn't the party would just take it and he'd lose his opportunity. So what makes me so sure that this is the correct scenario? Two things: Seth has a listed age, and an NPC in Piata states that her boyfriend is an archeologist and that she hasn't seen him in some time (or something to that effect). Seth appears to be normal, outside of his abilities. This wouldn't be the first time, though, that a game would hand you a character that can do things without them knowing HOW they can do it, so pointing to his abilities and saying there's no way a normal Parman would know that isn't proof enough that Seth was a made up persona.

2. Elsydion is just Alis's Laconian Sword infused with 2,000 years of Esper magic. Similarly, the Nei Sword was just Alis's Laconian Sword with 1,000 years of Esper magic in it. This explains why Alis and Rolf were able to dispel Dark Force in their respective times, and why Chaz is able to dispel The Profound Darkness and why the spirits of all the past protectors were apparently inhabiting the sword. As for why Alys could be seen there... I'm sure you've heard people say that the living keep the spirits of the dead alive within themselves, right? Chaz was the closest person to Alys, excepting possibly Rune, though we don't know for sure exactly how close they were; it makes the most sense that Chaz would carry her spirit with him and that she would enter the sword when he went to retrieve it. Oh, and further just to touch on the PSIII Nei Sword... Dark Force inhabited Orakio's Sword for 1,000 years, so it makes sense that it absorbed a lot of Dark Force's evil magic, and that the sages in Skyhaven were able to use the Word of Power to purify and enhance the sword into something that could actually vanquish Dark Force, instead of just having to reseal it.

3. This is less of something profound I've theorized about and more something that just hit me a few years ago... The Wren in PSIV is a translation of Fuoren (pronounced fo-ren), while the Wren in PSIII is a translation of Shiren. Considering Japanese pronunciation and localization, I came to realize that they are literally supposed to be Three-Wren and Four-Wren. That's some pretty clever wordplay, I thought.

4. There really was no place left to go with the series after PSIV. Think about it: 1,000 years before PSIV The Profound Darkness managed to do the most damage it ever had by destroying Parma. Dark Force was already in place on Noah and a second was forced out due to the weakness in the seal. Then it lost contact with both Dark Forces. The seal strengthened again and it had to wait another 1,000 years to try again. This time, it was able to force out three Dark Forces, and using their influence could weaken things enough to open a hole in reality. If the party had not infiltrated said hole right at that moment, it was only a matter of time before it was widened enough to allow The Profound Darkness to finally escape the seal. This was the most coordinated attack, with one Dark Force locking down the infrastructure left by Mother Brain, one Dark Force locking down the entire planet of Dezolis, and one Dark Force left mobile and on standby to do whatever is needed (such as, perhaps, influencing a certain Black Wizard?). Despite the party managing to thwart all three Dark Forces and correcting much of the issues they caused, it was still a largely successful campaign, managing to open that hole in Motavia. The only thing The Profound Darkness was not able to account for was the interference of the Espers and what the party was able to find on Rykros which protected them from the worst that the other dimension could do to them. The Profound Darkness is destroyed, and there will not be another attack from Dark Force in 1,000 years; the cycle is broken.

And that's all I've got for right now. I've been thinking of these over the past... maybe 4 days, though many of these I've believed for ages and I only started writing them down a couple days ago. A lot of it came from the many posts that I was reading over on PSCave, and admittedly some was written in response to some of the really stupid info being slung around that I recognized contradicted what I remember from actually playing the games...

So yeah, I'm sure I'll come up with some more stuff later. Might link this entry to a post there someday, if the atmosphere ever clears up enough so that alternate fan theories are actually accepted and are allowed to be posted without the people in power just coming along and slamming it all down as wrong without the proper evidence to back it up...

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