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Geez, it's been awhile...

Haven't posted since my birthday...

Okay, let's see... Got Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice a few weeks back, and kind of binged to finish it as soon as possible (including DLC case). It added some neat new stuff to the lore of the series and gives me more to play with in regards to my own story ideas. Also in game news, I was clued in on a great deal on Star Ocean 5, so I went ahead and got it. About 12 hours in, playing on Galaxy difficulty and got my first game over... it seems there is an alternative game over condition meaning I have to keep a particular character alive at all costs... which is hard, because she can basically do nothing to protect herself, and further the boss battle I GO'd on is in a really cramped space and I'm down my main healer, meaning I have to use the backup that doesn't have very well developed healing abilities...

Okay, with that out of the way, I have an idea (or two) to get down here. As usual, I'll be cutting these, as I have no idea how long they may get...

Okay, first idea is actually me finally getting the chance to flesh out some ideas for the Phoenix Wright rewrite I've had an idea of for years now. Spirit of Justice give so much new material that it should actually be pretty good. First off, this will be a story where Phoenix is confident in himself in such a way that he doesn't generally show it when he's unsettled. Second, Phoenix will admit to growing feelings for Maya when she's leaving after case 4. Oh, and unlike most stories, Phoenix isn't going to be totally poor, as several of his clients will pay, as his rate is high enough that he's actually doing pretty well for himself (Powers, Edgeworth, Lana Skye, Max, Adrian will pay him for his trouble with Matt, Ron, plus any other cases that aren't worth mentioning). Oh, and of course, Zak won't be a deadbeat, as in addition to actually paying Phoenix for his defense, he's got a set up to automatically pay him each month until Trucy turns 18, since Zak was already planning to disappear and allow Phoenix to adopt Trucy.

Let's see... Oh, the law office will remain the Fey and Co. Law Office, and I think after Edgeworth's trial he will hire other lawyers as well, setting up branch offices around the city. This means that when the Gramarye trial goes down, the law office remains with Phoenix still the boss, just without the ability to practice himself. Okay, with that out of the way... After the Engarde trial, Phoenix and Maya admit to each other that they love the other, and at some point shortly after Phoenix learns from his parents that an ancestor of his from back in Japan was intimately connected to the Fey family, and that clues Phoenix in to why his ability to use Spiritual Powers is so strong, and why he feels such a strong connection to Maya.

Phoenix will actually have a fairly strong spirit, especially since he will manage to keep up with Maya in her training, just as Maya is trying (in secret) to get the education she needs to at least become a paralegal, if not a full lawyer, making her position as Phoenix's assistant much more solidified. Things change slightly after the murder of Misty at Hazakura Temple, but she perseveres and at least accomplishes part of her plans. Maya tells Phoenix about Mia's spirit appearing in the court room to accuse Godot of hiding his wound behind his visor, and supposes that Phoenix's spirit might be strong enough to summon her sister back to the living plane. Not using the Kurain Channeling Technique, of course, because he's no longer of strong enough Fey bloodline, not to mention he's male, and a female body is uniquely qualified to host more than one soul. He gives it a shot one night and successfully summons Mia, where they discuss what is going on and Mia finally gets the chance to give her blessing to the two of them finally getting together.

I'm going to have the Gramarye trial play out, but the start of it is different. First, Phoenix will power his way through to talk to Trucy and ask her about who gave her the page, recognizing Kristoph Gavin from her description. He'll then show Zak the page, which will make him go even paler and temporarily shut him up (or maybe do that the other way around, so that Zak will not interrupt when Phoenix is asking where the page came from). He'll then catch Klavier on the way to the courtroom, and ask him a few quick questions, as well as share his evidence from the hospital he picked up that morning, and clarify time of death, which throws the entire case into confusion. Klavier will ask the judge for a 30 minute delay in the trial to review the new evidence, and will come to the conclusion that Magnifi committed suicide and Valant tampered with the crime scene to frame Zak. This is when Phoenix hands the page to Klavier and tells him exactly where and when he got it, who he got it from, and who gave it to Trucy to give to him. This causes Klavier to become distressed, and that's when he demands that the bailiff (poor Meekins) bring the judge in.

This meeting comes to the conclusion that based on who apparently made the forged evidence, the trial must go on as scheduled, since even Klavier knows that Kristoph will become unpredictable and possibly very deadly after that. One thing Phoenix insists on is that Klavier will take Phoenix's badge himself when the trial comes to the inevitable conclusion, and then hand that badge to Edgeworth to hold on to, which will make it not just hard but nearly impossible for Kristoph to do anything about it. The Bar Association actually won't get the chance to have any actions taken, and since Phoenix isn't fighting or appealing what happened, they are just going to leave well enough alone. Zak will still disappear, Phoenix will still adopt Trucy (along with Maya), and he and Maya will get married shortly after. Phoenix will split his time between the office and Kurain, though most of the time he's phoning things in to his employees, all of which had the situation explained to them so that they know that he was set up and did nothing himself to cause him to have his badge stripped (fun fact, legally he's not been disbarred; the fact that the Prosecutor's office is holding his badge doesn't mean that he's no longer a lawyer).

Five years later, and Phoenix has decided he needs to start setting things in motion. His initial investigations into all the players after the end of that trial got him so far, but as it turns out he needs more. Remembering that Zak was big on the poker circuit, he turns to poker; Trucy doesn't help him, though, as he's actually good enough on his own and with his Magatama to play a flawless game. The owner of the place he plays at doesn't let him just sit around doing nothing waiting for challengers, so he plays piano (badly) in the meantime, and once Kristoph hears about him doing this, approaches Phoenix offering friendship (or as we well know, to keep a close eye on him, since things have only gone partially as he planned). This allows for the events of case 1 of Apollo Justice to play out the same, including the actual forging of the Bloody Ace and Kristoph's arrest for murdering "Shadi Smith". Zak did get the chance to sign away the rights to the Gramarye magic to Trucy first, though.

Now by the time Apollo Justice starts, Phoenix and Maya have actually already had one kid, and this daughter has grown up around both parents and Trucy; the world in general doesn't know that Phoenix Wright is married, and they only know he's adopted one child, not that he has any of his own. When Apollo clears him of suspicion of murder, he offers Apollo a job at the Fey and Co. Law Office, and starts to hang around LA more often. Trucy sticks around the city more, as well, though this is mostly to help Apollo at the behest of Phoenix. It's around this time that Maya is informed that to complete her training and fully ascend to Master she must go to the Kingdom of Kura'in for a period of two years. Phoenix is... not entirely happy, especially since he can't leave LA any time soon since he's helping to set up a new judicial system. Pearl sticks around Kurain to help watch her baby cousin, though. After Apollo manages to prove that Kristoph had set things in motion seven years previous to murder Drew and Vera Misham, Phoenix goes to Edgeworth (now Chief Prosecutor) and reclaims his badge.

While Apollo has only had 4 noteworthy cases, this doesn't mean he hasn't had more than that. This means that when Phoenix hires Athena on, having Apollo mentor her is actually a pretty good idea. He basically sets them up to work together, and helps out himself when needed. After Simon and Athena are cleared of suspicion in that final trial, Phoenix gets a phone call from Maya inviting him out to Kura'in, and the events of Spirit of Justice will then commence. I'm not sure if I will have Phoenix demonstrate his own spiritual powers (outside of his use of the Magatama). Everyone will be highly surprised when Maya introduces him as her husband, though. Phoenix will suspect Gar'an of not having any spiritual powers, since he himself has that sense now (and has for quite some time).

Oh, I'll have Phoenix learn everything he can about Spirit Channeling and the Fey family, first from research he can do shortly after meeting Maya and experiencing her channeling Mia, and then from Kurain itself after defending Maya the second time and being allowed access to their libraries. This means that he has a lot of knowledge on the history of the Fey family and spiritual abilities in general. He's even seen reference to Kura'in, but hasn't been able to come up with much. Early on in Apollo's employment with him, Apollo specifically asks why he has a Magatama, and when Phoenix activates the Magatama, he winds up learning about Apollo being from Kura'in before getting sent to the US due to some political/legal strife that his adopted father was going through over there. Because of this, Phoenix isn't surprised in the least in seeing that picture of Apollo when he's in that country.

I think that's it. it's getting stupid late and I can't think of anything else to type right now...

Okay, I'm done. I'll come back to this when I'm not falling over tired...

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