maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Started playing Digimon Story Cybersleuth last weekend...

This game confuses me sometimes... The voice acting is the original Japanese, so it doesn't match 100% what the English text is saying. Digimon names appear to be the English localized names, though you can tell there's differences; after all, when the VAs are saying Omegamon but the text is saying Omnimon, well...

And then there's the names of their special moves. You see some of them like Veemon Headbutt and Heaven's Knuckle, but then you see moves like Pepper Breath and Blue Blaster and you just have to wonder which is it supposed to be? Half the time its the actual move names, and half the time it's the English localized names.

On the other hand, they did a really awesome thing when they were casting the voice actors: for the NPC Agumon and Gabumon that you meet, the voice actors are the same as the ones from the anime. Oh, and it's for that reason that I wonder about the decision to localize things like they did, because in the few battles they join you as guest characters, when Agumon uses "Pepper Breath" he does in fact say Baby Flame. And when Omegamon uses "Transcendent Sword" he does in fact say Grey Sword. Things like that.

Oh, but I did learn one neat thing in all this. Paildramon's special attack in the English localized anime was called Desperado Blaster; in the game, however, it's called Death Parade Blaster, which thinking about Japanese pronunciation makes a heck of a lot more sense to me. It could be that the translators read the name and realized that since this show was being aimed at kids, calling it Death Parade Blaster would be too intense, so they looked at the words and realized it sounded like the English word desperado, so they used that. Or maybe they had no clue what it was supposed to be and just used the one English word that it sounded like? I dunno...

Anyways, I'm having a blast with Cybersleuth. It's the same general idea as Digimon World DS, just in 3D and the story is more involved. One issue, though, is that the game assumes you chose the male protagonist and the script is tailored that way. You'd think they would have choice gates on the script to change slightly for choosing the female character, but that's not the case. This does, however, lead to all kinds of fun when all the insinuations come out about you possibly liking some girls or the reverse, for that matter.

Anyways, I've logged a good 37 hours in the game so far. I have two Ultimate level Digimon right now (RustTyranomon and Valkyrimon), and am working on getting more. So glad the V-Dramon line are in this game, even if getting UlforceV-Dramon is going to be a hassle...

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