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A rehash, and possibly a new idea...

Been rereading some Power Ranger fan fiction, partially because some fics have been getting updates, and partially due to nostalgia. This made me feel like revisiting an idea from last year that I had come up with for a crossover with Harry Potter where Harry was born a girl named Daisy and everything in England happened more or less the same... the biggest change being that I'm moving the timeline up 15 years, meaning Daisy is born in 1995 instead of 1980. Daisy is still orphaned and given to her aunt and uncle, but in this story, shortly after they take her in they all wind up going to Florida for a business trip, and Vernon decides to just leave her there before he and the family return to Surrey.

Now, this basically means that Daisy is left behind likely in early 1997. Thinking about the Power Ranger timeline, if the series began in 1993, Kim leaves the team in late 1995, and writes her letter to Tommy in early 1997, around the time she will discover Daisy and decide to adopt her. Or maybe it's mid-late 1996 when these things happen, meaning the Dursley's don't keep Daisy for very long at all. Either way, Kim finds Daisy and takes her in, decides to adopt her and finds a way to get that done. She sends Tommy the letter out of fear for both Tommy and Daisy, as she's afraid that Tommy won't be able to concentrate on being a Ranger, while she's further afraid that evil will discover Daisy's existence and will either try to kidnap or otherwise harm her.

Now, as to how Kim will know Daisy's name? Well, the blanket Daisy was wrapped in when she was dropped off at the Dursley's is the same one that she is wrapped in when Vernon abandons her. It has the name Daisy stitched into it, as well as an image of a daisy flower and the date 7/31/95, meaning Kim will know that her name is Daisy and she was born on 7/31/95. She chooses the middle name Elizabeth, making the girl Daisy Elizabeth Hart.

Now shortly after coming to this decision, she places a call to Trini to tell her all about her and the decision to adopt her. Trini decides that her job in the Youth Peace Conference was over and goes to Florida to help Kim with her new responsibility. Zack remains, and when Jason returns the Gold powers to Trey and recovers from his experience, he returns and finds Trini gone. Zack tells him that she went to Florida to help Kim with something, and he follows. What he finds first makes him want to punch Tommy in the face, but then he learns the truth and also sticks around for awhile.

As Daisy grows, she sees her mother doing gymnastics and decides she wants to learn how to do that as well. In 1998, Daisy starts crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason. When Kim asks her what's wrong, all Daisy will tell her is that something sad had just happened. She then gets a call from Jason telling her to turn on the news, where a breaking story is taking place about the battle being fought in Angel Grove and the identity of the Space Rangers being revealed. Then something happens and the fighting stops; the camera picks up a wave of some sort coming from the ship, and then the ship lands and a figure carrying another figure emerges. The camera can't pick up what's going on. Kim is glued to the screen, and then the unthinkable happens; the reported gets word that apparently someone sacrificed himself to bring the fighting to an end - someone named Zordon.

This, more than anything, caused Kim to break down. Daisy just hugs her mother and cries as well. After all, Zordon was like a father figure to her, far more than her own father was. Over the next few weeks, Kim spends more time looking at old photos of the team and Daisy learns more about Kim's old friends. She also learns that her mother had once been a Power Ranger, making her also want to learn how to fight and defend herself. Finally, Daisy learns that her mother is still in love with Tommy, and decides to write him a letter telling him as such; unfortunately, she has no idea where to send it, but Jason does and promises to take the letter to him. At this point, Tommy is in college taking an accelerated course to earn his PH.d. in Paleontology. Jason visits and gives him the letter, and Tommy is quite confused at the childish writing and who it could be from. This is when Jason tells him about Kim finding and adopting Daisy and her fear for both him getting distracted and her being a target for attack being the motivation behind Kim's letter to him.

Tommy is floored, but unfortunately can't just jump up and go to her, since he is committed to his course in education. Instead, he writes two letters, one to Kim and the other to Daisy. He has Jason hand deliver them and it's at this point that Kim finally has hope for her future with Tommy. They continue to exchange letters until Tommy finally has time to visit, and when he does, sparks fly, and the two finally resolve things between them and start up anew. Daisy is excited, and over the next few years Kim and Tommy get closer, to the point where Daisy starts to call her dad.

Now Daisy turns out to be quite a talent in gymnastics, to the point where early on she finds herself winning competitions for those in her age group. Because of this, she's moving around more and Kim decides to home school her instead of her constantly having to be out of school for competitions and possibly moving schools multiple times. When Tommy sets up in Reefside and the Dino Thunder rangers start up, Kim brings Daisy for a visit a few times, and Daisy notices that Conner and Kira seem attracted to each other, but aren't doing anything about it. She cons them both into playing with her, and somehow that leads to her finding ways to goad the two of them into seeing each others' attraction and acting on it.

Now Daisy hasn't shown any accidental magic since Kim took her in. The fact is, her magic had been bound up so tight that nobody can detect any magic from her. As such, no magic schools contact her, and she continues to grow up with Kim and Tommy and any siblings she winds up having. Her gymnastics have gotten so good that she is selected for the 2012 London Olympics, and it is at this time that she is finally recognized by some magicals that have ties to the non-magical world. I don't know if something will bring Daisy into the magical world, or if she's left alone enough to at least complete her events in the Olympic Games... I'm still trying to figure out the end game to all of this...

My other idea was Conner and Kira-centric where Kira has a young niece that she frequently has to watch, and one of Conner's few weaknesses being small children, such that when he sees Kira taking care of the baby, he finds himself smitten, which causes enough of a difference in personality that it makes Kira change her opinion about the jock very early. I don't know the specifics of where this sort of story can go, as it's just in its infancy... Really, a near reversal of the situation between Conner and Kira from Binding Destinies, without the extra powers.

And that's it. Dang, this took forever to type up. But these are good ideas! I need to either figure it out and write these, or find someone who will write these ideas...

Tags: harry potter fan fiction, power ranger fan fiction
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