maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Been listening to game OSTs tonight.

Watched the first episode of Team Four Star Plays Xenogears and had to dial up Small Two of Pieces with lyrics on YouTube, and that got me to listen to the Xenogears OST, which was awesome. THEN I started in on the Final Fantasy 7 OST.

I no longer cry when just listening to Aeris's Theme. When playing the game, yes, but not just listening to it. When it comes to video game music, the only music that will actively make me cry when just listening is what plays when Alys dies in Phantasy Star 4. That's just video games, though; some regular music does bring me to tears, too. I can't listen to Billy Joel's song Leningrad without tearing up, and there's a few more like it...

I am an emotional man, dammit! I cry when I need to! People who don't are stunting themselves pretty badly. There's some stories that I go back to and read because they do just that with me, because they are just soooooo sad. Little Dragon by Kaeera comes to mind foremost. I damn near cried my eyes out the first time I read it. I had really needed that at the time.

Damn, Square made some awesome music back in the day. I wonder how much all this will change when the FF7 remake comes out...?

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