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So, over the past week and a half...

I have played through Apollo Justice and both Ace Attorney Investigations games, mostly because I hadn't actually done before (though I had watched playthroughs on YouTube in the past). Playing these has sparked inspiration for a particular Phoenix Wright story that I had an idea for in the past. To start off with, here's the text from a little something I wrote up back on 2/22/16 at around 9:01 AM:

Okay, so some time ago I came up to a story idea in the Phoenix Wright series where Phoenix doesn't present the forged diary page and instead realizes that the evidence is too perfect to exist. He asks to see the Judge in chambers and invites Klavier along and they discuss the page: Phoenix has only been Zak's attorney since the previous night; he had neither the time nor the fortune needed to craft a forgery to fit a diary that he'd never even seen before the start of the trial. Discussions lead to a closed door decision to have Klavier hold Phoenix's badge in trust until evidence of who ordered the forgery could be compiled and submitted. Only a small bit of this is being borrowed from another story where Phoenix doesn't officially submit the page as evidence; and in that story, the trial continues to another day and they get the chance to investigate some more.

I've decided to work in a little something, though. Before the Gramarye trial, Phoenix sees Maya and Pearl off to Kurain because Maya needs to be instated as Master and whatnot, so there's a scene at the train station. I've got some history to share first, though, that Maya will reveal during that meeting.

Kurain was originally a village in Japan, founded on a mountain that was teeming with an ore that is used to craft Magatamas; the stone is capable to holding an infinite supply of spiritual energy like an everlasting battery. In the 1800's, Japan's government started taking a hard line against what they were considering Black Magic, and the Fey family and other residents of Kurain were forced to flee; they ended up in California, once again finding a mountain that had the ore needed to craft their Magatamas. Here a new Kurain village was built, and other temples were built as well for the purpose of training and spiritual retreat.

When Maya is preparing to leave, she and Phoenix have a bit of a heart to heart, and during that talk they discuss Mia's presence during the last trial and how she almost seemed to really be there. This leads to Phoenix talking about his own spirit and how over the last two years he feels like he's been getting stronger; that using the Magatama doesn't burn his soul as much when he makes a mistake like it used to. This information floors Maya, because she didn't know Phoenix was actually able to use that Magatama; she had given it to him and charged it up with her spirit to show to Pearl in order to get her to help Phoenix, not to get him to use it, which she didn't think he could. She explains that the Magatama has only ever functioned for women of the Fey family, and that no man ever had a reaction to a charged Magatama.

This is when Maya finally notices that she can actually sense his spiritual presence; Pearl is already situated in the train car they will be using to go to Kurain, so while Pearl is the strongest of the three of them, she can now definitely feel Phoenix there. This is amazing to her, and she actually kisses him in that moment. This leads to her rambling about learning to use his spiritual power and how he had to have gotten much stronger since the two of them completed Hazakurain's Ultra Course together, and how her being in love with someone with strong spiritual powers would shut up the naysayers in Kurain that would normally be against her being with Phoenix. It's here where they both wind up confessing to each other, and just before she has to leave, too.

A few days later, Phoenix gets called to the Detention Center by Shadi Enigmar to be tested in a game of poker to see if he's worthy to represent him in his case the next day. Phoenix has actually started wearing the Magatama on his neck under his suit, which always puts him in contact with it, and during their little poker competition, he is able to see Psyche Locks when Shadi is bluffing, leading him to be the only attorney to actually beat him. Phoenix asks him point blank if he killed Magnifi, to which he says no, and then Phoenix takes the case. He visits the hospital and gets two pieces of evidence: a security camera tape and heart monitor data, which pinpoints when Magnifi dies and who was in his room during that time.

Phoenix runs into Klavier minutes before the case and asks to see all of the Prosecution's evidence, turning over copies of his evidence as well, so that he's not completely in the dark before the trial, and gets slipped the forged page without knowing it. When the trial reaches the point in question, Phoenix finds the page in his pocket and for just a moment he thinks it's perfect... and then he realizes it's too perfect. His spirit is buzzing at that point, and he almost feels the evidence yielding a Psyche Lock of its own, and in that moment he knows there's something very wrong with this piece of paper. He asks to see the Judge and Klavier in chambers, and reveals to them that he was slipped a sheet of paper that at first glance looks like the missing page of the diary, but that the evidence feels wrong, like it's too perfect and that he genuinely has no idea where it came from. Klavier is skeptical, but when Phoenix gives his two very good reasons that there's no way he could have had that page made, Klavier is forced to admit that a tip came in last night that a piece of forged evidence was going to be presented at this trial. Phoenix then goes on to say that he wouldn't have needed that forged anyways to win this case, since he had two more pieces of evidence that establish the timeline and exact time of death, but due to how court works, he can't just submit evidence by itself but only in conjunction with witness testimony in order to refute them, and they hadn't reached a point in Valant's testimony where he could present them yet; only the prosecution is allowed to submit evidence whenever they like.

It's discussed between them, and a decision is made; someone wants Phoenix to submit that evidence and get him kicked out of the courtroom. If that doesn't happen, whoever actually had that forgery ordered will go to ground and never be caught, and further the person who made the forgery will never be caught either. In order to draw them out, Phoenix will willingly surrender his badge to Klavier to be held in trust until such a time that the forger can be caught and brought to justice. At this time, Edgeworth is the Chief Prosecutor, and he agrees with Klavier and the Judge that this decision needs to be kept quiet; the case against Zak is dropped, but he pulls a disappearing act, regardless, leaving Trucy behind. Phoenix offers to take her in, fully adopting her because Shadi Enigmar has well and truly disappeared.

Trucy and Phoenix head for Kurain to inform Maya of what was going on, and somehow Maya convinces him that they should get married, and so they do. Over the next seven years, Phoenix splits his time between LA and Kurain; they have two children during this time, Mia and (figure out a name here), and his Law Office is transformed into a Talent Agency in order to keep up the ruse. Knowing that Zak was a poker player, Phoenix takes up playing poker in the Borsht Bowl Club, using his Magatama to become undefeated in the hopes that his reputation will draw Mr. Enigmar out of hiding. It takes seven years, but he finally makes an appearance, leading to the events of Apollo Justice.

Apollo Justice does happen very similar to the events of the game, but there are some differences, at least as far as Phoenix's presence is concerned. He makes frequent trips away, and while Trucy seems to know what's going on, Apollo is confused. It isn't until after the Misham case that Apollo get the chance to meet Maya and the kids, realizing that his mentor has many secrets, including that he never actually got disbarred all those years ago (Klavier drops by the office and hands him back his badge after the case).

I dunno if I'm going to continue this into Dual Destinies. Maybe. One thing to realize is that the Orca case definitely gets slightly tweaked, because my description of the Magatama means that it doesn't lose power, so Pearl doesn't have to recharge it. Other than that, I don't know...

Anyways, that's enough. I'm going to leave this here, as I'm pretty sure I got everything out that I wanted to. I'm adding to another idea that I posted about before, basically. This whole thing feels really neat...

~MaxKnight (2/22/2016)

Now, I'd like to add that I forgot to include Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright when I thought this up, which is something I believe could happen between Hazakurain and Phoenix's Last Case. Even better, most of the trip takes place during the majority of AAI and AAI2, meaning all that crap Edgeworth was going through towards the end there gets resolved offscreen (actually, PL vs. PW is also offscreen, but at least referenced. Edgeworth will get the chance to reveal the shenanigans that he went through, including the temporary loss of his badge. Oh, and at one point I want a scene where Edgeworth gets the chance to bring Kay and Gumshoe up to Kurain to visit the Wright/Fey family, giving Kay the chance to finally meet them all...

And now I want to replay PL vs. PW. There's a scene I want to see again, just because it's literally the only scene in-game that actually hints that Maya means more to Phoenix than just being a friend/assistant. But you know what I need even more than to play that? I need sleep...

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