maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Why yes, I have another idea

Okay, so there are two stories... one is named Running Water and the other is named What's on Your Mind. In the first one, there is a subset of the human species called Gamma that have abilities; mostly like energy conversion, but everyone has an element that they are best with, and Castle is one. In the other one, something strange happens during Kate's shooting and it allows Rick and Kate to communicate with each other through thought alone, and that they sometimes accidentally broadcast thoughts to each other without meaning to.

These two stories made me think about possible superhero stories, though I don't know if I want it to be some secret thing both had from the beginning, or something that happens to them early in their partnership that gives them such powers. Actually, I'm leaning towards the second, but I'd have to invent a case that would allow for it, so it will take some thinking to get it done. No idea what powers to give them, though... I guess I like the idea of Castle having the whole mental powers thing, kind of like Professor X only without the debilitating leg injury. Kate, though, I have no idea what powers to give her, since I don't want them having matching abilities, but I also don't really know what matches her personality...

Oh, speaking of personality, I have no intention of changing Kate any, but Rick is another matter. I want the story to start the morning of episode 1, focusing on Rick and him bemoaning book launch parties and all the PR work involved in new books; not that he doesn't like to write and craft stories, but everything that happens after publication weighs on him in ways that it didn't used to. He tells Alexis that he wishes all he was needed for was to write and that other people could handle the press. That evening, he comments to Alexis that he just wishes for something different, something new, and when Kate Beckett arrives to ask him to accompany her back to the 12th precinct, she gets the chance to see the real him; he looks resigned, tired even. He's intrigued by people modeling real murders after his earlier books, but isn't really all that flippant about it like in canon; he only gives token comments that he puts no heart into, showing that such things aren't part of his core personality.

As for what circumstance leads to them getting powers of some kind... well, I don't know. It's something I'd have to think about. I'm kind of surprised that such a thing isn't more common, though...

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