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Nearly two months...

I'm not going to try to go over everything that's gone through my crazy head in the last two months. I'll just go straight in and say that in the last week I've been reading fan fiction based around the Castle TV series. A long time ago, I refused to even start reading Castle fan fiction, but I stumbled upon some and found myself intrigued with what I was reading. I've read a number of pretty excellent stories since then, and find myself actually getting a few ideas here and there on things I can do with this.

First, let me say that I've been watching the show a lot over the last couple years, and though I haven't watched all of them yet, I have a pretty good idea of the general storylines from one season to the next. I've also got a pretty good lock on characters and their personalities...

First off, let me say that yes, I'm a big fan of both Rick Castle and Kate Beckett and them being together. It's not just that, though; Alexis is a wonderful character that I think is part of why the show was so successful. Well, it's either her character or her eyes, one or the other...

But yeah, I don't think I've found one regular character that I don't like; even Captain Gates was likable, despite her... uncertainty of having Rick around the precinct. Having been watching the show and reading all these stories, though, I have found myself wanting to write an idea or two which are only just barely thought out ideas...

I haven't actually watched this episode yet, but I believe it'll be on soon, so I'm going with limited knowledge, but there's something that happens to Rick that makes him wake up in a world where he never met Kate Beckett. While I'm not big on the alternate dimension thing, anybody reading story ideas here will remember that I am big on time travel. Now I found a story where Kate wakes up on the morning of the first case she works on with Castle, since she wished for more time with him after he is found dead on his way to their wedding. This story, though, had a number of changes to the storyline even before Kate woke up, including the dealbreaker for me where Alexis was killed 6 years before the start of the show. No Alexis means no read, because it just isn't the same without her there.

So this brings me to my idea (which I had before finding that story), where somehow whatever caused Rick's dimensional adventure could possibly cause Rick and Kate to wake up in their younger bodies on that first day of their professional career together. Both would be super disoriented and will wonder if either of the other came back too, and subtle differences could clue the other in that they didn't reappear in this time alone. Differences in the things they say during that first conversation, including him leaving out a line entirely that she knows he said last time, and her changing the things that she would say compared to what he remembers (and he would remember, since it was such an iconic thing for him).

The purpose of this story? Well, to give the two of them more time together, get them to get married earlier, when all that crap they would stumble into wouldn't interfere, and to possibly save lives, including Roy Montgomery and getting Kate's mother's case resolved earlier... Oh, and this little time travel trip would unlock the memories that Rick volunteered to have suppressed, which I don't actually know what they are supposed to be, though I suspect they are related to LokSat, whatever that's supposed to be (Season 7 and 8 are things I don't know a whole heck of a lot about).

Now I'm not even entirely sure about including this one here, but I suppose a little background wouldn't hurt... I found a story where Richard Castle was in fact born Rebbecca Rogers (and no, I don't mean a sex change; she changes her name to Ricki Castle). Kate Beckett is still the same, though, and the story is really accelerated. Oh and Alexis is at least a year younger, though likely two years younger than canon. Yes, Ricki and Kate still get together, thought far sooner than Rick and Kate, and Ricki starts out with many of the same failings but grows out of them rather quickly. It's fascinating, though still not done. I want to write something similar, but I'm also weird and want to contrive a way for Kate and Fem!Rick to have a child together (which goes back to not being entirely sure I should post this here). This one will have to germinate a little, though I might not come back to it...

Another one that I've seen done a few different ways involves a Kate Beckett that met Richard Castle earlier than canon and them winding up together in some way during that time. These sorts of stories generally revolve around Alexis and her growing attachment to Kate at relatively young ages (usually younger than 10). I actually have two possible thoughts on this... either the first episode of the series has an Alexis at least half the age she was in canon (which was 15), or we start far earlier, like before Johanna Beckett's murder. Not too much earlier, because Kate was 19 when that happens, and we don't want this to be creepy; this would put Alexis between 4 and 5 for the purpose of our story, and the idea would revolve around babysitting during a time when Rick was living in California (meaning Kate is attending Stanford at the time). I don't remember if it was mentioned in the show, but I believe Rick and Meredith divorced around when Alexis was 4, so I'm not 100% sure how to figure this out...

And I'm done here. Dang, it's only 11:30 and I'm really tired...

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