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Over a month and more (bad) ideas

So last time I posted I got enamored with Harry Potter fan fiction, and to this day I still am. A concept that I've stumbled across recently is the Bond Fic; two characters that were meant to be that are joined via their hearts and souls. Most of the ones I've found that seem pretty good are the ones bonding Harry and Ginny, though there are ones involving others that I've found. A few rare ones that are kind of interesting bond Harry to both Ginny and Hermione; a concept that I find a bit intriguing. I suppose one must be careful around having a single male bond with two females, but then the questions remains: do the females bond with each other as well? One set of stories has them not bonded together but still considering themselves magically engaged to one another as well as to Harry; another has the bond most definitely be three ways; still another has them only bonded to Harry and not particularly involving themselves with each other (of course that one actually has yet another girl added to the bond, and one that's 3-4 years younger to boot).

Really, it's quite intriguing, and as such I obviously found myself coming up with an idea for it on my way home from work tonight...

In comparison to the other idea, this one is decidedly darker to begin with; everything is mostly the same to canon, though Harry being beaten and brutalized from an early age is actually vocalized. My idea is that, since Harry is so important to the Wizarding World's future, some force intervenes when five-year-old Harry's magical core is so depleted from constantly healing his grievous wounds that his soul reaches out and finds a compatible soul that will be close to him in his future to help; his mind reaches out to preserve his sanity, his magic reaches out to preserve his body, and his soul reaches out to fully bridge the link.

This manifests in Harry having a dream where he meets a young girl that is approximately his age with missing front teeth and bushy brown hair; they start talking with each other and introducing each other, but when Hermione learns what goes on where Harry lives, she wants to tell her parents to help get him out of there. Harry stops her as he doesn't think her sounding crazy to her family will really help, and she has no proof that who she sees in her dreams is a real person, anyways. Years pass while they continue to dream together and they easily become best friends with one another.

One evening after Harry turns nine, things get particularly bad for Harry and he's once again on the edge of life and death; not even with Hermione's help can he hope to stave off what could happen to him. Together their souls reach out to find another compatible soul, and since it's Harry in need of help, another girl is chosen to join the bond. Once Harry passes out in order to let the connection help him recover, another girl approximately his age appears with them; this one with flaming red hair and vibrant brown eyes. For a split second Hermione is taken aback that she would have to share Harry with another girl in their dreamspace, but then she's overcome with something that makes her realize that this is far from a bad thing.

After introductions, Ginny kind of just squeaks and starts to panic, realizing that there's really nothing to hide behind once she realizes that she's speaking with THE Harry Potter. Once she's given the chance to calm down, she explains about magic and the Wizarding World and that Harry is famous, which seems way too much for the poor boy to take after having nearly died. Hermione explains what he means by that, and suddenly Ginny's whole attitude changes towards the poor boy. Stories are exchanged and eventually, finally, Harry recovers enough to wake up.

They continue to meet in the dream space for the coming years, then Hermione and Harry get their Hogwarts letters. Once on the platform that year, they actually meet one another and after joining each of their hands together something happens and they connect further, now being fully connected mentally. The bond is still in something of a here-and-now phase, so all they can do is share thoughts as they think them, emotions, and what they are sensing (mostly sight and sound).

I suppose my intention is to allow them all to grow together somewhat rapidly, possibly allowing them to experiment more and become used to each other in a more physical way than most children would do because of the unique nature of their three-way bond... I dunno. Maybe I'll fix it so that they appear without clothing when in the dream space (making Ginny's intro to the other two slightly more comical, since she's less embarrassed to see Harry since she lives with six other boys). It's an idea I"m toying with...

I guess that's it, since I'm starting to run out of ideas to type up. I'll add more if I come up with more...

Tags: fan fiction, harry potter fan fiction, soul bonds, yet more bad ideas
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