June 28th, 2020

Day 28 - Music that makes you nostalgic

Gonna be honest, there's a lot of games that I've played while not listening to the music from said games. There was a time where I muted the TV and played other music entirely while listening through headphones. This is why when I play a few different games, I can still hear that music in my head rather than what's actually coming from the game. But this one... either I hadn't started doing that when I would play this game, or I just didn't do so.

So this is one that, if you play this game, you will easily get stuck in your head since it plays throughout the entire game. Anytime you are walking the overworld, or even in battles on the overworld, this is the track plays. And somehow of all the video games I've played, this track manages to trigger my nostalgia more than any other.