June 15th, 2020

Day 15 - Boss Battle Music

Once again, so many good choices. And so many good choices completely eliminated because I'm doing Hard Mode and can't repeat games for different entries. Since so many were eliminated, I decided to go with one that really gets me pumping. Really, Boss music should come in just a few varieties: the kind that fills you with the sense of dread that this is a strong opponent, the kind that reminds you of just how important this battle might be, and the kind that fills you with excitement. This track ticks the second and third boxes.

Oh man. This isn't to say that they did bad with the Gym Leader music in the (many) sequels, but there's just something about Gen 1 Gym Leader music that does it so right. It's so complex, despite the limitations of the Game Boy's sound chip, and it's so fast. All I can say is I love it.