June 4th, 2020

Day 4 - Music From a Console Exclusive Series

In this day and age when ever game seems to get both a console and PC release, it becomes difficult to just find a music track that would fit this description. Even one game getting a release on PC/Mac/Amiga/Atari ST/MSX/PC-98 would mean the entire series is no longer eligible for consideration for this entry. All it takes is just one recent game in the series to get released for one of these home computers to invalidate it, so we must dig deep to find something that died shortly after it lived, thus meaning it never had consideration for being ported elsewhere.

Likely no one ever considered this game for any of these entries... except for me, that is. Anybody who knows me on YouTube likely knows of my Let's Play of this game. A Connect-The-Dots style puzzle game that also gives vibes of Win, Lose, or Draw (oh dear, if my choice of games hadn't already dated myself, that reference certainly did). One of the few games in the NES library that allows up to 4 players without the need for a peripheral to get 4 controllers hooked up (players 1 and 2 use controller 1, players 3 and 4 use controller 2). I chose the Blue Puzzle because I like the music for it slightly better than for the other puzzles.