June 1st, 2020

Day 1 - Title Screen Music

Welp, it's the first of June, a month with 30 days in it. Today marks the first day that I will be posting my choices for the 30-day Video Game Music Challenge. This first day is for Title Screen Music... there's so many good choices out there. I took this challenge to mean that you should pick music that you like, so while that was a slightly limiting factor, in the end, it wasn't that hard of a choice to make.

Oh man... the title music to the first Dragon Warrior game... To be honest, my first RPG was actually renting Dragon Warrior III, though I didn't get very far playing it as I didn't understand what I was doing, much. A friend owned the first Dragon Warrior, and I'm sure I made him sick with wanting to play it at his house as often as I did. I finally offered to buy it one day, and thus became the owner of said game. It honestly defines my early development in terms of playing RPGs. But this music in particular is so good.

I think I have a number of inspired choices for this challenge. I mostly stuck to games that I've either played extensively or have a keen interest in (of course, with the exception of day 13). If anybody stumbles in here, they might find something neat.