April 30th, 2019

Addendum to last night's post

I forgot to mention last night that there is a lot to Graveyard Keeper that makes the game feel unfinished. You never get the opportunity to reach The Town, getting struck down by lightning before you can, and losing your Town Pass in the process. Multiple times throughout the story, they mention The Ship of the Dead, but nothing is ever actually done about it. There's multiple people that you meet that seem to serve very little purpose besides to sell you one or two items, with one in particular called only The Captain, who is always sitting in the tavern and rolling dice, but you can never actually seem to interact with him; he always says the same thing every time you talk to him, and although he's listed in the NPC's tab, there's literally nothing to be done with him.

On the other hand, the game also seems aware of this and makes fun of it at the end. So I'm feeling like the game was designed this way. It's really confusing. I kind of want the game to get some DLC that explores more of what is not actually explored in this as it currently is...