January 2nd, 2018

Yeah, I don't like the PSCave forum

I was checking out the thread on the translation for Phantasy Star: Generation 2 and while I found the collaboration fascinating and enjoyed watching the difficulties be surmounted, I found that once again I was getting annoyed at certain people... especially the lone moderator for the site. The translation was basically done and being beta tested, and what should happen? BenoitRen shows up complaining about choosing Dark Force over Dark Falz.

As it turns out, neither of these is an accurate translation for the Japanese name. An accurate translation would be... Dark Phallus. Clearly this wouldn't fly as an official translation, so it needed to change. In Phantasy Star this was Darkfalz, which was necessary because it was limited to 8 characters. In Phantasy Star 2, 3, and 4 this was Dark Force, because the name was no longer as restricted in length, and lets be honest, Dark Force makes a whole heck of a lot more sense than Dark Falz or Darkfalz.

However, there are certain people on that forum that have a massive stick up their butt and refuse to see reason concerning this choice of name. They would rather force the localizer to use a completely nonsensical name because it's "more faithful" to the original work. This is patently untrue. If this was supposed to be a completely faithful work, we'd just use the name Dark Phallus and call it a day. Of course, then this translation effort wouldn't be taken seriously at all.

And admittedly I have no part of this; I'm an observer who read through several years of posts after the fact and never really had a say in what was going to be in the translation. This doesn't mean I can't express my dissatisfaction with certain people who, right as soon as it was released complained loudly and immediately got their way forcing the translator to bend to their wishes on the matter, and then later was more or less telling everyone else off for doing the same thing and stating that we should just let the translation be finished now and once it's finalized people can look to create edited versions to fit their liking.

That's a pretty scummy thing to do in my opinion. This person needs to be purged from this forum and an actual impartial moderator appointed; someone that won't force their views on everyone and tell them their theories are wrong without giving sufficient proof and won't make arbitrary decisions on projects that they really had no part in and had no business making any changes.

Yeah, my frustration with this place is pretty high. I might have registered on there, but I have no intention of posting any longer, since I know my beliefs, theories, and viewpoints will just be slapped down by self-serving jerks who can't let anyone voice opinions and ideas that don't agree with their own.