May 22nd, 2017

So, I've been playing a game lately...

The one I've played the most recently is Oxygen Not Included, a game that takes place in the center of an asteroid, where a group of three Duplicates are "printed" and find themselves having to survive, and ultimately, thrive. You start digging yourself out to give yourself the resources to construct the necessary structures to form your base; everything from tiles and ladders to move around, to outhouses and hamster wheels and "microbe mushers", which make the most simple kinds of food.

I picked this game up a few months ago, back before it was fully released on Steam Early Access. At that time it was labeled as Alpha and it was pretty simple and straightforward. There was less that you could do compared to now, fewer types of food, less options for generating electricity, etc. A little while after I got it, they released the Thermal Update, which added more temperature related gameplay, including keeping your dupes at moderate temperatures, while introducing specific biomes such as ice zones and molten zones. It also brought us the ability to make new clothes for dupes so that they can stand different temperatures better, or just make them look super snazzy.

The latest update is the Agricultural Update, which added more options for growing and making food, bringing us new plants and recipes in the regular cooker, and new grow tiles including one that allows for fertilizer and one that allows for both fertilizer AND irrigation. Also, certain plants require clean water for irrigation and some require polluted water, so now it's not just a given to purify all water and add it back to the reservoir. It also introduced Natural Gas and a generator that uses it for power, and new Natural Gas vents that create more of it. Also, some dupes create Natural Gas all on their own if they have the Flatulence trait.

I've had a few attempts to make a successful base, and I think I've hit on it with this latest one. I'll admit my base has a large amount of polluted oxygen, but on the other hand, I have the single most stable power network I've ever had. Since learning about Transformers and how Heavi Watt Power Lines can't go through tiles and doors, I've had to rethink how I handle power networks. It's been fun, though!

In addition to this, I picked up the DLC that I was missing from Cities:Skylines, though I've hit upon a snag with that game... Even on the lowest graphics settings it gets slow, even with a relatively small town. As such I'm going to hold off on doing much else with the game until I can afford a new desktop that can handle the game. Which is too bad because I was having fun with it.

Finally I picked up a new game called Thea: The Awakening. This is a game that makes you think of Civilization at first, but you only get one town. The game also has a gathering economy, where the map is littered with resources, but you have to manually gather them each turn with your town and expedition groups that you send out. Combat is different as well, as it's card based: each character has a card where the stats are taken from the character stats. Cards are split between offense and tactics, and tactics depend on character stats what they are allowed to do. You earn experience and research from basically everything, and once you earn enough experience, every one of your recruited characters get a random statup. Further every character must eat every turn and if they don't a few different things can happen. Also the town and any camping expeditions need something consumable to burn to keep the campfire lit. So if you don't have wood/straw/coal, you might wind up in trouble. Starts are also randomized, so you might not have easy access to food and wood right from the start.

All in all, it's a fun game, and one that actually seems to be running pretty good on this craptop that I have right now. Supposedly the company that made Thea is making a sequel now, so we'll see how it works out...

Anyways, these are what I've been doing recently. Oh, and I moved into what amounts to a separate apartment at my parents' house, meaning I have my own space, but they can just enter whenever and I can do the same to them. Less privacy in exchange for a third of the bills each month is not a bad exchange. I've already managed to save enough to replace some things that badly needed replacing, including my desk, which could be delivered as soon as Wednesday!

Definitely doing better, now.