November 20th, 2016

So this idea just came to me...

Read something that made me think I could apply a similar thing to a different fandom. What I read was a Power Ranger story where Tommy and Kim had a baby they named Kira while they were still in high school. Kim passed her powers to Kat when this happened, and didn't get them back after giving birth, and then at some point after that she gets kidnapped and held for something like 14 years. The person holding her drugged her up and prostituted her, forcing her to have abortions every time she would get pregnant, and it was only after many years of torture that she managed to get away.

Following a similar thread, I figured I could apply some of this to a Digimon story, where Fem!Daisuke is taken shortly after the defeat of BelialVamdemon by a black-ops government organization that resented all of their data about the Digimon World being erased out from under them and decided the only thing they could do is capture a chosen and do tests to determine what makes them chosen and how to exploit it. They will hold her for four years, doing tests, injecting drugs, and some of those with fewer morals rape her as well. When those in charge notice her miscarrying the second time, they decide to stop the drugs and after a harsh detoxing, intentionally impregnate her in order to test if any kind of special powers or abilities will breed out of a chosen.

It's shortly after giving birth to a daughter that Daisuke manages to break free. Her powers react after being denied contact with her baby, and she winds up breaking out, finding her Digivice and her daughter and largely destroying the facility she was being held in. She flees and finds her way back to Odaiba, specifically the Yagami apartment. Hikari answers the door and sees her best friend standing there holding an infant and looking badly roughed up wearing the same thing she was when she disappeared.

Now it should be said that all of the chosen were worried, especially Hikari, Taichi, and Ken. They'd all been looking for her since her disappearance. Chibimon was with her at the time, but the only things he knew was that they were walking to school one day and Daisuke suddenly stopped talking and started to tip forward, then nothing as he got knocked out too. He woke up when Hikari found him, but they could not find Daisuke anywhere. He stayed with Hikari and Taichi after that.

I don't have a whole lot planned yet after Daisuke arrives at the Yagami apartment. The idea is that Hikari is surprised at the sudden arrival, especially with the infant. Daisuke won't be able to talk about everything that happened, but Hikari will be horrified about what she can talk about. Ultimately, this story is about a rogue government organization infiltrating the Digimon World and the chosen needing to mobilize to stop whatever their plans are. Oh, and Daisuke and Hikari discovering their feelings for each other during that time that Hikari is nursing Daisuke back to health, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Um... I think the only other thing I've thought of on this is the name Daisuke gives her daughter... I'm leaning towards Yukino, but that's not final. She'll play a small part in helping Daisuke and in getting the two of them together. Other than that, though, I don't know what else to do with this. I guess it's just another odd story idea to play with...