maxknight (maxknight) wrote,

Had a thought

Read the first couple chapters of Miracle and Light United by Fire Dragon of Miracles again, and I had a bit of a thought concerning Daisuke that I think most people completely overlook when watching Digimon Adventure 02...

After a certain point, when Daisuke and Ken have more or less become best friends, Daisuke introduces him to his parents, and considering how much of a genius Ken is supposed to be, they beg him to tutor their stupid son, or something of that nature. Between that and the completely dismissive way Jun seems to regard her brother, I get the feeling that Daisuke was actually somewhat neglected as he was growing up. Perhaps not done intentionally, but there is evidence that they pay more attention to Jun and have seemingly written him off as being successful. Heck, you don't see any of Daisuke's family in the stands during his game against Ken's team, and that's supposed to be the biggest game of their season.

Considering the way Daisuke tends to seem during Adventure 02, you have to wonder if it's all an act; a front to hide how much he's hurting or at least been hurt by the actions of the people around him. This isn't to say that his family doesn't love him, but they don't seem to show it at all. It makes me wonder what could be going on in his mind during his adventures, especially with the way that the others sometimes treats him. This is why I want to write stories that show him in a different light. There's so much more to the character and yet I can never seem to find any stories that depict this when I go looking. Admittedly, I look specifically for stories where he and Hikari are paired together, but the fact is, most stories that he appears in where he doesn't make him a really big goof, or an asshole.

Huh. Kind of like Power Ranger stories featuring Conner McKnight. And he's another of my favorite characters.

Well anyways, I'm starting to think about a story that capitalizes on this potential backstory for Daisuke. Or perhaps I should say, specifically capitalizes on it, as the series rewrite would already be factoring in a limited form of this (where he and Jun are much tighter as siblings because the parents are ignoring both of them).

Don't have anything yet, but I'm considering it.

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