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Part 2 of the last post

Well, I guess not in the same sense as you'd expect, but I am continuing this thought. First I'm going to say that I've decided to re-play all of the games in order to write down the dates that the trials took place. This is mostly to establish a timeline, which I can't remember ever seeing before. I might be able to find a timeline somewhere on the internet, but I kind of like being able to gather the info myself.

Now as for why I'd do this for the whole series...? Because one of the first ideas I had for Phoenix Wright fan fiction was a retelling of the entire series where Phoenix is far more confident in his abilities and doesn't show all the nervousness and whatnot that was so typical of him from the series. I've come to the conclusion that I should be able to tie this story and the one I mentioned previously into a single continuity. I will have to make notes of those points where Phoenix mentions his using the Magatama to get people to open up to him so that Maya actually doesn't know it until he chooses to tell her later. Oh, and a big change I want to make is in response to how Ray Shields didn't change the name of the Edgeworth Law Office after Greg Edgeworth was murdered; I'd like to leave it as the Fey and Co. Law Office. Also, when Phoenix gives up his badge, he actually closes down the office and begins renting the office above it to become the Wright Talent Agency.

I guess I just think that these two easily go hand-in-hand. I mean, the way I'm having Phoenix act in his last case there, it shows a lot of confidence and experience, which he should have by that time, yes, but I'd like to think he could have displayed that kind of confidence much earlier on... and perhaps him not panicking is both because of his spiritual powers as well as being conducive to him training his spiritual powers. Yeah, this sounds like it could work...

Anyways, I think that does it. I'd like to comment that re-playing the first two cases of the first Ace Attorney game was pretty easy and actually didn't take all that long. I know they will just take longer and longer as I play through them, but it's worth it. This is valuable research, you know!

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