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I think I might have a problem...

Okay, so I read a lot of fan fiction. This is an established fact, backed up by my having 1355 favorite stories on my profile. I also generally have specific tastes for the stories I like to see. Yes, a good storyline is necessary, as well as engaging characters and intriguing plot devices... And of course the most important thing to include: a relationship I can agree with.

Now I have certain favorite characters and generally have favorite 'ships for them. To do this properly, let's start with favorite characters by series, in no particular order (have I done this before? I feel like I'm retreading ground here...):

Power Rangers: Conner McKnight, Kira Ford
Touhou Project: Alice Margatroid
Phantasy Star: Chaz Ashley, Rika, Lyle
Star Ocean: Claude Kenny, Rena Lanford
Pokémon: Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower
Digimon: Motomiya Daisuke
Dragon Ball Z: Son Gohan, Videl
Phoenix Wright: Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey

Other series I don't really have a single favorite character. However, I do have favorite pairings from those series (all of them, really):

Power Rangers: Conner/Kira
Touhou Project: Alice/Marisa, Reimu/Sanae, Alice/Reimu
Phantasy Star: Chaz/Rika
Star Ocean: Claude/Rena
Pokémon: Ash/Misty
Digimon: Daisuke/Hikari
Dragon Ball Z: Gohan/Videl
Phoenix Wright: Phoenix/Maya
Harry Potter: Harry/Almost Anything Female
Final Fantasy VII: Cloud/Tifa, Tifa/Aeris
Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic/Sally
Castle: Rick/Kate

Now, let me clarify things for a moment... First while I don't have any problems personally with homosexual people, I don't like to read slash fiction; and on a completely hypocritical note I have absolutely no problems reading Fem!slash fiction (as evidenced by the pairings under Touhou Project and FF7). Next is that I have no problem reading about genderbent characters; that is male protagonists that are instead written as female, whether born that way or turned that way. To take things even further, I have no problem for those now Fem!Protagonists still being paired with one of the girls of the story. Oh, and to explain what I meant for Harry Potter... well, it's like it says on the tin: I pair Harry with just about any girl from the series (outside of obvious weird/disgusting ones, like Umbridge).

As for why I'm saying all of this right now? Well, I guess I'm starting to get a little disillusioned when I go stomping through for stories. Some pairings are stupidly easy to find (like from Castle, where the goal is actually just to find a well written story with an engaging plot), while others are far too rare for my desires. With some of them, like Phantasy Star and Star Ocean, it's more about locating a story that takes place during the game in question, since they are quite rare normally.

But then there's Digimon, which I lament more than all the others combined. It seems my favorite character tends to be derided and shat upon more often than just about all the others, which is something I really don't understand. Now, it's probably just because his English counterpart, Davis, was treated as more comic relief than anything else, but most people apparently just don't like him (which is a crying shame, because he's got a lot of depth as a character, and a whole lot of potential, too). Further, finding someone that actually wants to pair him up with Hikari is really hard to find (and notice that Hikari doesn't make the favorite list; this is because in canon she doesn't really appear to respect Daisuke as much as she should, for as long as she's been friends with him).

Other fandoms tend to run into various problems, like there are too many 'ships for these characters with other characters entirely, or probably the most offensive thing anyone can do, write Alice entirely wrong (as a Tsundere, which makes no sense at all). So while I've found my fair share of stories to both follow and favorite, when I go looking for more, I tend to get disappointed because it's like no one out there is writing what I like to read. If I could, I'd put bounties out for people to write my favorite pairings into stories that would be worthwhile to read, but I just don't have the resources to do such a thing.

This doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate people stumbling into this blog and deciding to write me something just to be nice. I would totally dig that.

Okay, I think I've ranted enough as it is. Time for me to, uh... find something else to do. Just don't feel like sleeping just yet...

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