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Warning: Random Crap Ahead
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Monday, May 22nd, 2017
2:41 pm
So, I've been playing a game lately...
The one I've played the most recently is Oxygen Not Included, a game that takes place in the center of an asteroid, where a group of three Duplicates are "printed" and find themselves having to survive, and ultimately, thrive. You start digging yourself out to give yourself the resources to construct the necessary structures to form your base; everything from tiles and ladders to move around, to outhouses and hamster wheels and "microbe mushers", which make the most simple kinds of food.

I picked this game up a few months ago, back before it was fully released on Steam Early Access. At that time it was labeled as Alpha and it was pretty simple and straightforward. There was less that you could do compared to now, fewer types of food, less options for generating electricity, etc. A little while after I got it, they released the Thermal Update, which added more temperature related gameplay, including keeping your dupes at moderate temperatures, while introducing specific biomes such as ice zones and molten zones. It also brought us the ability to make new clothes for dupes so that they can stand different temperatures better, or just make them look super snazzy.

The latest update is the Agricultural Update, which added more options for growing and making food, bringing us new plants and recipes in the regular cooker, and new grow tiles including one that allows for fertilizer and one that allows for both fertilizer AND irrigation. Also, certain plants require clean water for irrigation and some require polluted water, so now it's not just a given to purify all water and add it back to the reservoir. It also introduced Natural Gas and a generator that uses it for power, and new Natural Gas vents that create more of it. Also, some dupes create Natural Gas all on their own if they have the Flatulence trait.

I've had a few attempts to make a successful base, and I think I've hit on it with this latest one. I'll admit my base has a large amount of polluted oxygen, but on the other hand, I have the single most stable power network I've ever had. Since learning about Transformers and how Heavi Watt Power Lines can't go through tiles and doors, I've had to rethink how I handle power networks. It's been fun, though!

In addition to this, I picked up the DLC that I was missing from Cities:Skylines, though I've hit upon a snag with that game... Even on the lowest graphics settings it gets slow, even with a relatively small town. As such I'm going to hold off on doing much else with the game until I can afford a new desktop that can handle the game. Which is too bad because I was having fun with it.

Finally I picked up a new game called Thea: The Awakening. This is a game that makes you think of Civilization at first, but you only get one town. The game also has a gathering economy, where the map is littered with resources, but you have to manually gather them each turn with your town and expedition groups that you send out. Combat is different as well, as it's card based: each character has a card where the stats are taken from the character stats. Cards are split between offense and tactics, and tactics depend on character stats what they are allowed to do. You earn experience and research from basically everything, and once you earn enough experience, every one of your recruited characters get a random statup. Further every character must eat every turn and if they don't a few different things can happen. Also the town and any camping expeditions need something consumable to burn to keep the campfire lit. So if you don't have wood/straw/coal, you might wind up in trouble. Starts are also randomized, so you might not have easy access to food and wood right from the start.

All in all, it's a fun game, and one that actually seems to be running pretty good on this craptop that I have right now. Supposedly the company that made Thea is making a sequel now, so we'll see how it works out...

Anyways, these are what I've been doing recently. Oh, and I moved into what amounts to a separate apartment at my parents' house, meaning I have my own space, but they can just enter whenever and I can do the same to them. Less privacy in exchange for a third of the bills each month is not a bad exchange. I've already managed to save enough to replace some things that badly needed replacing, including my desk, which could be delivered as soon as Wednesday!

Definitely doing better, now.

Thursday, May 18th, 2017
2:30 pm
I think I've hit upon a new pet peeve...
Going through a number of pieces of Harry Potter fan fiction I find myself having a little trouble with the way people handling questioning with Veritaserum. I'm finding far too many people falling into the trap of "too much information" when the target of the potion is being questioned. From what I remember and can tell the person under the influence of said potion is supposed to answer questions directly and not volunteer more than what is being asked. If it's a yes or no question, the answer should just be yes or no; saying anything else beyond that just seems completely wrong.

I know there's some amount of creative license, but that seems too far. Ah well...

Monday, January 9th, 2017
12:48 am
Geez, it's been awhile...
Haven't posted since my birthday...

Okay, let's see... Got Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice a few weeks back, and kind of binged to finish it as soon as possible (including DLC case). It added some neat new stuff to the lore of the series and gives me more to play with in regards to my own story ideas. Also in game news, I was clued in on a great deal on Star Ocean 5, so I went ahead and got it. About 12 hours in, playing on Galaxy difficulty and got my first game over... it seems there is an alternative game over condition meaning I have to keep a particular character alive at all costs... which is hard, because she can basically do nothing to protect herself, and further the boss battle I GO'd on is in a really cramped space and I'm down my main healer, meaning I have to use the backup that doesn't have very well developed healing abilities...

Okay, with that out of the way, I have an idea (or two) to get down here. As usual, I'll be cutting these, as I have no idea how long they may get...

Spoilers for... pretty much all of Phoenix WrightCollapse )

Okay, I'm done. I'll come back to this when I'm not falling over tired...

Sunday, November 20th, 2016
2:31 pm
So this idea just came to me...
Read something that made me think I could apply a similar thing to a different fandom. What I read was a Power Ranger story where Tommy and Kim had a baby they named Kira while they were still in high school. Kim passed her powers to Kat when this happened, and didn't get them back after giving birth, and then at some point after that she gets kidnapped and held for something like 14 years. The person holding her drugged her up and prostituted her, forcing her to have abortions every time she would get pregnant, and it was only after many years of torture that she managed to get away.

Following a similar thread, I figured I could apply some of this to a Digimon story, where Fem!Daisuke is taken shortly after the defeat of BelialVamdemon by a black-ops government organization that resented all of their data about the Digimon World being erased out from under them and decided the only thing they could do is capture a chosen and do tests to determine what makes them chosen and how to exploit it. They will hold her for four years, doing tests, injecting drugs, and some of those with fewer morals rape her as well. When those in charge notice her miscarrying the second time, they decide to stop the drugs and after a harsh detoxing, intentionally impregnate her in order to test if any kind of special powers or abilities will breed out of a chosen.

It's shortly after giving birth to a daughter that Daisuke manages to break free. Her powers react after being denied contact with her baby, and she winds up breaking out, finding her Digivice and her daughter and largely destroying the facility she was being held in. She flees and finds her way back to Odaiba, specifically the Yagami apartment. Hikari answers the door and sees her best friend standing there holding an infant and looking badly roughed up wearing the same thing she was when she disappeared.

Now it should be said that all of the chosen were worried, especially Hikari, Taichi, and Ken. They'd all been looking for her since her disappearance. Chibimon was with her at the time, but the only things he knew was that they were walking to school one day and Daisuke suddenly stopped talking and started to tip forward, then nothing as he got knocked out too. He woke up when Hikari found him, but they could not find Daisuke anywhere. He stayed with Hikari and Taichi after that.

I don't have a whole lot planned yet after Daisuke arrives at the Yagami apartment. The idea is that Hikari is surprised at the sudden arrival, especially with the infant. Daisuke won't be able to talk about everything that happened, but Hikari will be horrified about what she can talk about. Ultimately, this story is about a rogue government organization infiltrating the Digimon World and the chosen needing to mobilize to stop whatever their plans are. Oh, and Daisuke and Hikari discovering their feelings for each other during that time that Hikari is nursing Daisuke back to health, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Um... I think the only other thing I've thought of on this is the name Daisuke gives her daughter... I'm leaning towards Yukino, but that's not final. She'll play a small part in helping Daisuke and in getting the two of them together. Other than that, though, I don't know what else to do with this. I guess it's just another odd story idea to play with...

Sunday, November 6th, 2016
9:39 pm
Going nuts with this new idea...
So, assuming that Daisuke and the others aren't dead in Tri and that there's a Big Bad out there that everyone will converge to fight, I've got this thought about Daisuke and his Crest of Miracles... And the idea that he doesn't believe in miracles at all. I know I've mentioned this for another story idea, but this one will go along with Daisuke being missing after some sort of mission alongside Miyako, Iori, and Ken. In this case, during the final battle things aren't going well for the Chosen. When things start looking especially grim, Daisuke will dig deep into his own power, but because of his disbelief he will not have any sort of control over it. Lacking focus, when trying to bring the power of Miracles to bear, he will instead detonate it, quite literally erasing the entirety of the Digimon World.

A shield will form around Hikari when this happens, not due to her own powers, but because even with no control at all, Daisuke will still instinctively protect Hikari, even from his own power. All that is left is Hikari, Gennai, and a few select Digimon in a disconnected partition, utterly blank and unable to reconnect back to the Human World. Gennai will explain to Hikari about realizing that the Chosen would be unable to win and setting up this space in case anything could be done to circumvent the coming tragedy. Gennai explains about Daisuke, Iori, and Miyako receiving their crests, as well as Ken recovering his crest, but Daisuke being the only one unable to activate the crest. He'll then describe discovering that when in the digital space, human beings are connected to themselves, both past and future, and Gennai used that connection to discover just when Daisuke stopped believing in miracles: right after the defeat of BelialVamdemon.

This surprises Hikari, but then she recalls what Daisuke was like at that point, and comes to realize that she hadn't treated him very well that year they fought together, despite him being her best friend. She was off-put by his affections for her, and she reacted by turning away, to someone that she knew would set off his jealousy. It's at this point that Gennai tells her that they might be able to send her mind, no, her very being back into herself at any point that she was in the Digimon World. Hikari accepts and they get to work. Gennai orders her to enter her body right at the final battle with BelialVamdemon, but she has already decided to go back further, to right before she left the Digimon World after her first adventure. She has a plan!

Going back is disorienting, and very sad because she arrived in her body right after gifting her whistle to Tailmon. She gets through the tearful goodbye and the Chosen return to their world via the tram car. Hikari gets reacquainted with being back in time, then asks Taichi to have a talk with Daisuke, who at this point is her friend, and really almost her best friend. Basically, she wants Taichi to talk with Daisuke and get him to realize that he doesn't need to act out to get her attention; he just needs to be himself. After they talk, Hikari decides to tell him all about Digimon and her adventure and everything.

Daisuke will mature a bit from these conversations, and he and Hikari will grow closer because of it. I'm toying with the idea of Daisuke getting a Digivice early and joining Ken and Ryo on their adventure, but I'm not sure how to go about it. And I'm not sure if I wouldn't be stepping on toes by doing that.

Anyways, that's as far as I have it thought out. I'm not going directly for the Daikari 'ship, but it'll be there eventually. Daisuke toning things down and being himself will allow Hikari to grow more comfortable with him, and that in turn will allow her to entertain thoughts of being together with him. Perhaps not while they're still 11, but let's just say that Daisuke will not be given a chance to lose his belief in miracles...

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
7:32 am
Started playing Digimon Story Cybersleuth last weekend...
This game confuses me sometimes... The voice acting is the original Japanese, so it doesn't match 100% what the English text is saying. Digimon names appear to be the English localized names, though you can tell there's differences; after all, when the VAs are saying Omegamon but the text is saying Omnimon, well...

And then there's the names of their special moves. You see some of them like Veemon Headbutt and Heaven's Knuckle, but then you see moves like Pepper Breath and Blue Blaster and you just have to wonder which is it supposed to be? Half the time its the actual move names, and half the time it's the English localized names.

On the other hand, they did a really awesome thing when they were casting the voice actors: for the NPC Agumon and Gabumon that you meet, the voice actors are the same as the ones from the anime. Oh, and it's for that reason that I wonder about the decision to localize things like they did, because in the few battles they join you as guest characters, when Agumon uses "Pepper Breath" he does in fact say Baby Flame. And when Omegamon uses "Transcendent Sword" he does in fact say Grey Sword. Things like that.

Oh, but I did learn one neat thing in all this. Paildramon's special attack in the English localized anime was called Desperado Blaster; in the game, however, it's called Death Parade Blaster, which thinking about Japanese pronunciation makes a heck of a lot more sense to me. It could be that the translators read the name and realized that since this show was being aimed at kids, calling it Death Parade Blaster would be too intense, so they looked at the words and realized it sounded like the English word desperado, so they used that. Or maybe they had no clue what it was supposed to be and just used the one English word that it sounded like? I dunno...

Anyways, I'm having a blast with Cybersleuth. It's the same general idea as Digimon World DS, just in 3D and the story is more involved. One issue, though, is that the game assumes you chose the male protagonist and the script is tailored that way. You'd think they would have choice gates on the script to change slightly for choosing the female character, but that's not the case. This does, however, lead to all kinds of fun when all the insinuations come out about you possibly liking some girls or the reverse, for that matter.

Anyways, I've logged a good 37 hours in the game so far. I have two Ultimate level Digimon right now (RustTyranomon and Valkyrimon), and am working on getting more. So glad the V-Dramon line are in this game, even if getting UlforceV-Dramon is going to be a hassle...

Sunday, October 9th, 2016
5:39 pm
Okay, this drives me nuts every time I see it...
People who write Harry Potter fan fiction are all getting it wrong when they write up the effect Dementors have on people. About 93% of everyone that I read seem to think the Dementors feed on happy thoughts and memories and whatnot, and this is patently not true. Consider the Patronus, which is fueled by happiness and love; this drives Dementors away. If they really did feed on happiness, then the Patronus shouldn't drive them away, it should make them converge.

No, Dementors feed on misery, on sadness, on every negative emotion they can coax out of their victims. Their aura suppresses happy memories in order to force the negative ones to the fore; this is why people near Dementors start experiencing their worst memories. It's also a defense mechanism to preclude people from being able to pull up the happy emotions needed to fuel a Patronus.

I mean, really... how can people get it so wrong all the time ? It's common sense!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
12:44 pm
A rehash, and possibly a new idea...
Been rereading some Power Ranger fan fiction, partially because some fics have been getting updates, and partially due to nostalgia. This made me feel like revisiting an idea from last year that I had come up with for a crossover with Harry Potter where Harry was born a girl named Daisy and everything in England happened more or less the same... the biggest change being that I'm moving the timeline up 15 years, meaning Daisy is born in 1995 instead of 1980. Daisy is still orphaned and given to her aunt and uncle, but in this story, shortly after they take her in they all wind up going to Florida for a business trip, and Vernon decides to just leave her there before he and the family return to Surrey.

Now, this basically means that Daisy is left behind likely in early 1997. Thinking about the Power Ranger timeline, if the series began in 1993, Kim leaves the team in late 1995, and writes her letter to Tommy in early 1997, around the time she will discover Daisy and decide to adopt her. Or maybe it's mid-late 1996 when these things happen, meaning the Dursley's don't keep Daisy for very long at all. Either way, Kim finds Daisy and takes her in, decides to adopt her and finds a way to get that done. She sends Tommy the letter out of fear for both Tommy and Daisy, as she's afraid that Tommy won't be able to concentrate on being a Ranger, while she's further afraid that evil will discover Daisy's existence and will either try to kidnap or otherwise harm her.

Now, as to how Kim will know Daisy's name? Well, the blanket Daisy was wrapped in when she was dropped off at the Dursley's is the same one that she is wrapped in when Vernon abandons her. It has the name Daisy stitched into it, as well as an image of a daisy flower and the date 7/31/95, meaning Kim will know that her name is Daisy and she was born on 7/31/95. She chooses the middle name Elizabeth, making the girl Daisy Elizabeth Hart.

Now shortly after coming to this decision, she places a call to Trini to tell her all about her and the decision to adopt her. Trini decides that her job in the Youth Peace Conference was over and goes to Florida to help Kim with her new responsibility. Zack remains, and when Jason returns the Gold powers to Trey and recovers from his experience, he returns and finds Trini gone. Zack tells him that she went to Florida to help Kim with something, and he follows. What he finds first makes him want to punch Tommy in the face, but then he learns the truth and also sticks around for awhile.

As Daisy grows, she sees her mother doing gymnastics and decides she wants to learn how to do that as well. In 1998, Daisy starts crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason. When Kim asks her what's wrong, all Daisy will tell her is that something sad had just happened. She then gets a call from Jason telling her to turn on the news, where a breaking story is taking place about the battle being fought in Angel Grove and the identity of the Space Rangers being revealed. Then something happens and the fighting stops; the camera picks up a wave of some sort coming from the ship, and then the ship lands and a figure carrying another figure emerges. The camera can't pick up what's going on. Kim is glued to the screen, and then the unthinkable happens; the reported gets word that apparently someone sacrificed himself to bring the fighting to an end - someone named Zordon.

This, more than anything, caused Kim to break down. Daisy just hugs her mother and cries as well. After all, Zordon was like a father figure to her, far more than her own father was. Over the next few weeks, Kim spends more time looking at old photos of the team and Daisy learns more about Kim's old friends. She also learns that her mother had once been a Power Ranger, making her also want to learn how to fight and defend herself. Finally, Daisy learns that her mother is still in love with Tommy, and decides to write him a letter telling him as such; unfortunately, she has no idea where to send it, but Jason does and promises to take the letter to him. At this point, Tommy is in college taking an accelerated course to earn his PH.d. in Paleontology. Jason visits and gives him the letter, and Tommy is quite confused at the childish writing and who it could be from. This is when Jason tells him about Kim finding and adopting Daisy and her fear for both him getting distracted and her being a target for attack being the motivation behind Kim's letter to him.

Tommy is floored, but unfortunately can't just jump up and go to her, since he is committed to his course in education. Instead, he writes two letters, one to Kim and the other to Daisy. He has Jason hand deliver them and it's at this point that Kim finally has hope for her future with Tommy. They continue to exchange letters until Tommy finally has time to visit, and when he does, sparks fly, and the two finally resolve things between them and start up anew. Daisy is excited, and over the next few years Kim and Tommy get closer, to the point where Daisy starts to call her dad.

Now Daisy turns out to be quite a talent in gymnastics, to the point where early on she finds herself winning competitions for those in her age group. Because of this, she's moving around more and Kim decides to home school her instead of her constantly having to be out of school for competitions and possibly moving schools multiple times. When Tommy sets up in Reefside and the Dino Thunder rangers start up, Kim brings Daisy for a visit a few times, and Daisy notices that Conner and Kira seem attracted to each other, but aren't doing anything about it. She cons them both into playing with her, and somehow that leads to her finding ways to goad the two of them into seeing each others' attraction and acting on it.

Now Daisy hasn't shown any accidental magic since Kim took her in. The fact is, her magic had been bound up so tight that nobody can detect any magic from her. As such, no magic schools contact her, and she continues to grow up with Kim and Tommy and any siblings she winds up having. Her gymnastics have gotten so good that she is selected for the 2012 London Olympics, and it is at this time that she is finally recognized by some magicals that have ties to the non-magical world. I don't know if something will bring Daisy into the magical world, or if she's left alone enough to at least complete her events in the Olympic Games... I'm still trying to figure out the end game to all of this...

My other idea was Conner and Kira-centric where Kira has a young niece that she frequently has to watch, and one of Conner's few weaknesses being small children, such that when he sees Kira taking care of the baby, he finds himself smitten, which causes enough of a difference in personality that it makes Kira change her opinion about the jock very early. I don't know the specifics of where this sort of story can go, as it's just in its infancy... Really, a near reversal of the situation between Conner and Kira from Binding Destinies, without the extra powers.

And that's it. Dang, this took forever to type up. But these are good ideas! I need to either figure it out and write these, or find someone who will write these ideas...

Saturday, July 16th, 2016
1:25 am
Okay, so expanding on that last idea...
I've considered something using that background for Daisuke, leading into whatever the hell is going on with Tri, and modifying things so that Daisuke isn't part of the group of 2nd gen Chosen who disappeared, instead him disappearing right after the end of 02 due to having seen what was in reality a first kiss between Hikari and Takeru, who in this alternate reality have started dating since Ken's Christmas Party. Coming from what amounts to a broken home, then having his heart broken right after what should be a victory causes him to... not run away, but perhaps fade away. He disappears and, well, no one really looks for him very hard.

He does reappear after all the bad things start happening in Tri. Taichi runs into him, and it's revealed here that Daisuke no longer believes in miracles. To emphasize this, the crest that he received at some point before the final battle with BelialVamdemon not only doesn't glow, but has gone completely grey. He says that because of this he can't fight to help. Taichi will later find Jun and bring him up and explain his tenure as a Chosen Child and how he was the Child of Miracles, but that he no longer believes in miracles. Jun will start crying and explain that his very existence is a miracle, and that he was born premature and not expected to survive. According to her, his survival didn't encourage their parents to form an attachment to him, afraid that they would start to care and something would happen to him. Jun followed her parents' example, thinking it was the appropriate thing to do; it was only after he disappeared that she discovered that isn't the case and that she missed him horribly.

Taichi takes all of this info back with him and talks with Hikari and Takeru, and Taichi susses out that Daisuke didn't just have a crush on Hikari by the end of the adventure, but outright was in love with her. Takeru agrees that all of that taken together makes his decision to disappear make perfect sense. Later when talking alone with Taichi, Hikari says that there's nothing to be done about it, as her feelings aren't going to change for a person that she no longer even knows, even if they do need his power to overcome what they are up against.

From there, I don't know what to do. My brain toyed with the idea of someone getting sent back in time, possibly even Hikari, to relive the second adventure and make different choices regarding Daisuke. But I don't know. It feels like a cop out, but then again, I don't know what else to do with this story... I suppose it depends on what is coming up in the next part of Tri.

And that's it. I think I've got as much on this as I'm going to get at this time. I'll revisit this if the rest of Tri forces any changes to this...

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
11:21 pm
Had a thought
Read the first couple chapters of Miracle and Light United by Fire Dragon of Miracles again, and I had a bit of a thought concerning Daisuke that I think most people completely overlook when watching Digimon Adventure 02...

After a certain point, when Daisuke and Ken have more or less become best friends, Daisuke introduces him to his parents, and considering how much of a genius Ken is supposed to be, they beg him to tutor their stupid son, or something of that nature. Between that and the completely dismissive way Jun seems to regard her brother, I get the feeling that Daisuke was actually somewhat neglected as he was growing up. Perhaps not done intentionally, but there is evidence that they pay more attention to Jun and have seemingly written him off as being successful. Heck, you don't see any of Daisuke's family in the stands during his game against Ken's team, and that's supposed to be the biggest game of their season.

Considering the way Daisuke tends to seem during Adventure 02, you have to wonder if it's all an act; a front to hide how much he's hurting or at least been hurt by the actions of the people around him. This isn't to say that his family doesn't love him, but they don't seem to show it at all. It makes me wonder what could be going on in his mind during his adventures, especially with the way that the others sometimes treats him. This is why I want to write stories that show him in a different light. There's so much more to the character and yet I can never seem to find any stories that depict this when I go looking. Admittedly, I look specifically for stories where he and Hikari are paired together, but the fact is, most stories that he appears in where he doesn't make him a really big goof, or an asshole.

Huh. Kind of like Power Ranger stories featuring Conner McKnight. And he's another of my favorite characters.

Well anyways, I'm starting to think about a story that capitalizes on this potential backstory for Daisuke. Or perhaps I should say, specifically capitalizes on it, as the series rewrite would already be factoring in a limited form of this (where he and Jun are much tighter as siblings because the parents are ignoring both of them).

Don't have anything yet, but I'm considering it.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
12:51 am
Been listening to game OSTs tonight.
Watched the first episode of Team Four Star Plays Xenogears and had to dial up Small Two of Pieces with lyrics on YouTube, and that got me to listen to the Xenogears OST, which was awesome. THEN I started in on the Final Fantasy 7 OST.

I no longer cry when just listening to Aeris's Theme. When playing the game, yes, but not just listening to it. When it comes to video game music, the only music that will actively make me cry when just listening is what plays when Alys dies in Phantasy Star 4. That's just video games, though; some regular music does bring me to tears, too. I can't listen to Billy Joel's song Leningrad without tearing up, and there's a few more like it...

I am an emotional man, dammit! I cry when I need to! People who don't are stunting themselves pretty badly. There's some stories that I go back to and read because they do just that with me, because they are just soooooo sad. Little Dragon by Kaeera comes to mind foremost. I damn near cried my eyes out the first time I read it. I had really needed that at the time.

Damn, Square made some awesome music back in the day. I wonder how much all this will change when the FF7 remake comes out...?

Monday, March 14th, 2016
8:30 am
Brand new idea
Haven't seen one like this yet, but imagine Castle first season, they get through a few cases, but before he can dig into Kate's mother's case, they pull a murder that quickly turns serial, and the one thing all the victims have in common? They are all red-headed children and teenagers. To make this have more impact, I'm adjusting Rick and Alexis's ages down five years, so that Alexis is 10-years-old in 2009. Rick rides along to the first scene and is startled, but says nothing and is a little quieter, and as more of these kids are found over the next day or so, he starts getting more and more upset. Now Kate has met Alexis briefly, but doesn't piece it together until the third body that they all have the hair color and age range in common with his daughter.

The point of this story? To force Castle to show a different side to himself very quickly, and make Beckett realize that there is more to her favorite author than what he appears to be like in the media and how he acted when they first met. She's far more impressed with Richard Castle the Father than she is with Richard Castle the Playboy.

Now where can this story go? I have no idea. I don't know what I want for it, other than a chance to have the man show off his better qualities early on. Other than a chance for he and Kate to get together sooner, I don't know what else this story would entail.

Oh, also, to rehash something from an older idea, the one where Rick and Kate meet while she's still attending college at Stanford, the idea is that she began Stanford a year early, meaning she turns 18 while there, and meets Rick in a park while studying that Spring. They get to talking and Kate offers to watch Alexis for him on nights that he can't be home, which is a pretty good arrangement. Let's say it's April when this starts, as time goes on, Rick starts thinking about moving back to New York, to the loft that he already owns, but hasn't put that plan into action yet; when Kate gets back from New York she shuts him out entirely and he winds up calling her dad to ask what's going on, and that call interrupted Jim's binge and made him wake up to what he was about to do. Jim asks to speak to Kate, and this gets her to open her door, and he winds up talking Kate around to opening up to Rick; it turns out Rick just saved his life by making him realize he was about to throw it all away by crawling into the bottom of a bottle.

And that's about all I have left right now. There's more, like the fact that both of them move back to New York, so the arrangement hasn't changed all that much, and Jim doesn't become an alcoholic, so Kate has a much bigger support system from the get go. How I'm going to ply this story into one where Kate and Rick get together, I don't know; it'll happen, though, and much earlier on than canon, that's for sure...

Sunday, March 6th, 2016
9:14 pm
Part 2 of the last post
Well, I guess not in the same sense as you'd expect, but I am continuing this thought. First I'm going to say that I've decided to re-play all of the games in order to write down the dates that the trials took place. This is mostly to establish a timeline, which I can't remember ever seeing before. I might be able to find a timeline somewhere on the internet, but I kind of like being able to gather the info myself.

Now as for why I'd do this for the whole series...? Because one of the first ideas I had for Phoenix Wright fan fiction was a retelling of the entire series where Phoenix is far more confident in his abilities and doesn't show all the nervousness and whatnot that was so typical of him from the series. I've come to the conclusion that I should be able to tie this story and the one I mentioned previously into a single continuity. I will have to make notes of those points where Phoenix mentions his using the Magatama to get people to open up to him so that Maya actually doesn't know it until he chooses to tell her later. Oh, and a big change I want to make is in response to how Ray Shields didn't change the name of the Edgeworth Law Office after Greg Edgeworth was murdered; I'd like to leave it as the Fey and Co. Law Office. Also, when Phoenix gives up his badge, he actually closes down the office and begins renting the office above it to become the Wright Talent Agency.

I guess I just think that these two easily go hand-in-hand. I mean, the way I'm having Phoenix act in his last case there, it shows a lot of confidence and experience, which he should have by that time, yes, but I'd like to think he could have displayed that kind of confidence much earlier on... and perhaps him not panicking is both because of his spiritual powers as well as being conducive to him training his spiritual powers. Yeah, this sounds like it could work...

Anyways, I think that does it. I'd like to comment that re-playing the first two cases of the first Ace Attorney game was pretty easy and actually didn't take all that long. I know they will just take longer and longer as I play through them, but it's worth it. This is valuable research, you know!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
9:21 am
So, over the past week and a half...
I have played through Apollo Justice and both Ace Attorney Investigations games, mostly because I hadn't actually done before (though I had watched playthroughs on YouTube in the past). Playing these has sparked inspiration for a particular Phoenix Wright story that I had an idea for in the past. To start off with, here's the text from a little something I wrote up back on 2/22/16 at around 9:01 AM:

Phoenix SpiritualCollapse )

Now, I'd like to add that I forgot to include Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright when I thought this up, which is something I believe could happen between Hazakurain and Phoenix's Last Case. Even better, most of the trip takes place during the majority of AAI and AAI2, meaning all that crap Edgeworth was going through towards the end there gets resolved offscreen (actually, PL vs. PW is also offscreen, but at least referenced. Edgeworth will get the chance to reveal the shenanigans that he went through, including the temporary loss of his badge. Oh, and at one point I want a scene where Edgeworth gets the chance to bring Kay and Gumshoe up to Kurain to visit the Wright/Fey family, giving Kay the chance to finally meet them all...

And now I want to replay PL vs. PW. There's a scene I want to see again, just because it's literally the only scene in-game that actually hints that Maya means more to Phoenix than just being a friend/assistant. But you know what I need even more than to play that? I need sleep...

Friday, February 26th, 2016
11:18 pm
I think I might have a problem...
Okay, so I read a lot of fan fiction. This is an established fact, backed up by my having 1355 favorite stories on my FF.net profile. I also generally have specific tastes for the stories I like to see. Yes, a good storyline is necessary, as well as engaging characters and intriguing plot devices... And of course the most important thing to include: a relationship I can agree with.

Now I have certain favorite characters and generally have favorite 'ships for them. To do this properly, let's start with favorite characters by series, in no particular order (have I done this before? I feel like I'm retreading ground here...):

Favorite Characters by SeriesCollapse )

Other series I don't really have a single favorite character. However, I do have favorite pairings from those series (all of them, really):

Favorite Pairings by SeriesCollapse )

Now, let me clarify things for a moment... First while I don't have any problems personally with homosexual people, I don't like to read slash fiction; and on a completely hypocritical note I have absolutely no problems reading Fem!slash fiction (as evidenced by the pairings under Touhou Project and FF7). Next is that I have no problem reading about genderbent characters; that is male protagonists that are instead written as female, whether born that way or turned that way. To take things even further, I have no problem for those now Fem!Protagonists still being paired with one of the girls of the story. Oh, and to explain what I meant for Harry Potter... well, it's like it says on the tin: I pair Harry with just about any girl from the series (outside of obvious weird/disgusting ones, like Umbridge).

As for why I'm saying all of this right now? Well, I guess I'm starting to get a little disillusioned when I go stomping through FF.net for stories. Some pairings are stupidly easy to find (like from Castle, where the goal is actually just to find a well written story with an engaging plot), while others are far too rare for my desires. With some of them, like Phantasy Star and Star Ocean, it's more about locating a story that takes place during the game in question, since they are quite rare normally.

But then there's Digimon, which I lament more than all the others combined. It seems my favorite character tends to be derided and shat upon more often than just about all the others, which is something I really don't understand. Now, it's probably just because his English counterpart, Davis, was treated as more comic relief than anything else, but most people apparently just don't like him (which is a crying shame, because he's got a lot of depth as a character, and a whole lot of potential, too). Further, finding someone that actually wants to pair him up with Hikari is really hard to find (and notice that Hikari doesn't make the favorite list; this is because in canon she doesn't really appear to respect Daisuke as much as she should, for as long as she's been friends with him).

Other fandoms tend to run into various problems, like there are too many 'ships for these characters with other characters entirely, or probably the most offensive thing anyone can do, write Alice entirely wrong (as a Tsundere, which makes no sense at all). So while I've found my fair share of stories to both follow and favorite, when I go looking for more, I tend to get disappointed because it's like no one out there is writing what I like to read. If I could, I'd put bounties out for people to write my favorite pairings into stories that would be worthwhile to read, but I just don't have the resources to do such a thing.

This doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate people stumbling into this blog and deciding to write me something just to be nice. I would totally dig that.

Okay, I think I've ranted enough as it is. Time for me to, uh... find something else to do. Just don't feel like sleeping just yet...

Thursday, February 11th, 2016
6:58 pm
Okay, so those last two ideas...?
Combine 'em. Thinking about the Fem!Castle story there were things that made my head hurt trying to make them work, and then I thought about some of what I want Kate to be able to do in the Superhero story and I realized that I can make things work for the other that way.

The ideaCollapse )

Anyways, I'm done for now. That was a lot, but I did have to combine two ideas together to get it, and it's got some pretty strange stuff in it, so I had to really give it some thought.

Thursday, February 4th, 2016
6:09 pm
Updates to ideas
I've gotten some inspiration for two ideas: the one from the last post and the Fem!Castle idea. Let's just do these in that order...

Superhero!CastleCollapse )

Fem!CastleCollapse )

And that's it. I've had most of the first idea for a few days now, but the second one I only started building on earlier today. No idea what prompted it (other than a large number of baby fics I've apparently been reading today).

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
9:25 am
Why yes, I have another idea
Okay, so there are two stories... one is named Running Water and the other is named What's on Your Mind. In the first one, there is a subset of the human species called Gamma that have abilities; mostly like energy conversion, but everyone has an element that they are best with, and Castle is one. In the other one, something strange happens during Kate's shooting and it allows Rick and Kate to communicate with each other through thought alone, and that they sometimes accidentally broadcast thoughts to each other without meaning to.

These two stories made me think about possible superhero stories, though I don't know if I want it to be some secret thing both had from the beginning, or something that happens to them early in their partnership that gives them such powers. Actually, I'm leaning towards the second, but I'd have to invent a case that would allow for it, so it will take some thinking to get it done. No idea what powers to give them, though... I guess I like the idea of Castle having the whole mental powers thing, kind of like Professor X only without the debilitating leg injury. Kate, though, I have no idea what powers to give her, since I don't want them having matching abilities, but I also don't really know what matches her personality...

Oh, speaking of personality, I have no intention of changing Kate any, but Rick is another matter. I want the story to start the morning of episode 1, focusing on Rick and him bemoaning book launch parties and all the PR work involved in new books; not that he doesn't like to write and craft stories, but everything that happens after publication weighs on him in ways that it didn't used to. He tells Alexis that he wishes all he was needed for was to write and that other people could handle the press. That evening, he comments to Alexis that he just wishes for something different, something new, and when Kate Beckett arrives to ask him to accompany her back to the 12th precinct, she gets the chance to see the real him; he looks resigned, tired even. He's intrigued by people modeling real murders after his earlier books, but isn't really all that flippant about it like in canon; he only gives token comments that he puts no heart into, showing that such things aren't part of his core personality.

As for what circumstance leads to them getting powers of some kind... well, I don't know. It's something I'd have to think about. I'm kind of surprised that such a thing isn't more common, though...

Sunday, January 17th, 2016
11:49 am
Had another idea...
No idea why this didn't hit me last night (yes I do, I was stupid tired last night when I posted last). Later in season 7 of Castle, Richard Castle passed his tests and became a Private Investigator. It occurred to me that it's entirely possible for him to have been doing this for far longer than that.

So my idea involves Castle not legally changing his name to Richard Edgar Castle as he did in canon, just adopting it as a pen name, but still using his real name of Richard Alexander Rogers on all legal forms and whatnot. The purpose of this? Because he's not just a bestselling author but many years before the start of the series he took and passed his tests to become a licensed P.I. and gun carrier, advertising himself as Dick Rogers, Private Investigator. While he continues to write his novels as Richard Castle, he's also taking on cases outside of law enforcement.

Hilariously enough, when murders start mimicking his early works, he gets brought in by Detective Kate Beckett for questioning and as it turns out, she reads his file as if Richard Castle is his real name. Rather than going along with it, he will correct them about his name and inform them that Richard Castle is just an alias; a pen name he uses to protect himself and his family. When he gives them his real name, they are shocked to discover that he has no criminal record under that name and that he's a licensed P.I. and gun carrier. This changes just about everything, since Rick's not an inexperienced writer but someone who specializing in investigating and solving mysteries, which is precisely what they are dealing with. It changes the dynamic of how they approach him for help and how he approaches them to help.

I don't know for certain if this is something I'd be able to write, though, but I thought it was a pretty good idea...

Saturday, January 16th, 2016
11:40 pm
Nearly two months...
I'm not going to try to go over everything that's gone through my crazy head in the last two months. I'll just go straight in and say that in the last week I've been reading fan fiction based around the Castle TV series. A long time ago, I refused to even start reading Castle fan fiction, but I stumbled upon some and found myself intrigued with what I was reading. I've read a number of pretty excellent stories since then, and find myself actually getting a few ideas here and there on things I can do with this.

First, let me say that I've been watching the show a lot over the last couple years, and though I haven't watched all of them yet, I have a pretty good idea of the general storylines from one season to the next. I've also got a pretty good lock on characters and their personalities...

First off, let me say that yes, I'm a big fan of both Rick Castle and Kate Beckett and them being together. It's not just that, though; Alexis is a wonderful character that I think is part of why the show was so successful. Well, it's either her character or her eyes, one or the other...

But yeah, I don't think I've found one regular character that I don't like; even Captain Gates was likable, despite her... uncertainty of having Rick around the precinct. Having been watching the show and reading all these stories, though, I have found myself wanting to write an idea or two which are only just barely thought out ideas...

Idea #1Collapse )

Idea #2Collapse )

Idea #3Collapse )

And I'm done here. Dang, it's only 11:30 and I'm really tired...

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